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What I am:

Fierce, intuitive, loyal, loving, artistic, discerning, thoughtful, frugal, bitchy, helpful, bold, protective, crazy, strong, down-to-earth, truthful, colorful, married, confident, maternal, and…



What I am not:

Preachy, fru-fru, girly, delicate, emotional, confused, two-faced, fancy, sneaky, a thief, thin, dishonest, single, shy, and…



This list is not complete. Because I’m not complete. I’m always evolving.



Gypsy soul Michelle Pendergrass uses her artistic wiring to encourage and challenge the friends and strangers who cross her paths. A roving creative, she captures the pain and beauty of life as an intuitive, author, editor, foodie, mixed media artist, and photographer. Her story has rough edges, but she has been sharpened on the stones of her past. Through her journey as a wife, mother, teacher, and mentor, she is learning grace. And while grace is a fruit that has been hard-won in her life, she is grateful for it. Most days.

Through her writing and editing life, Michelle has been able to speak and participate in panels at Mo*Con, The Festival of Faith & Writing, Icon, and Context conferences. She has also been growing as a visual artist through painting, mixed media, and photography. One incredible highlight has been the opportunity to apprentice under artist Justin Vining. Michelle most recently served as the Editor-In-Chief of The Midnight Diner, a non-profit quarterly publication that juxtaposes a spiritual worldview with the unlikely partner of speculative fiction—horror, detective, sci-fi, and paranormal stories.

When Michelle’s mom died in 2010, she realized too late that she didn’t have many pictures with her mother. Her mom didn’t like herself in pictures, so she avoided them at all costs. Around that time, Michelle discovered that she has a gift for capturing people’s beauty, even those who don’t believe they can take a good picture. These days she offers family sessions (as well as graduation, maternity, etc.) for an affordable cost so that people will have pictures to cherish for years to come. Her dad passed in 2015. Though they had a rocky relationship, she was able to heal from deep wounds created by her father’s wounded soul after serving in Vietnam. After many years of a severely dysfunctional relationship, all ended with no regrets and in peace.

Michelle fell in love with a cowboy while they sat in a traffic jam twenty-one years ago, and together they have a son, who is wise beyond his years. She has the privilege of being step-mom to two beautiful kids who have grown into amazing adults, one who just graduated college and the other who gave her a son-in-law and two grandsons.

She’s a homeschooling, horror writing, wine-loving, organic-canning, facebook-debating, tell-it-like-it-is kind of person. She’s not afraid to admit that she loves The Real Housewife of New Jersey. And Orange County. Actually, she’s not afraid to admit much. She’s downright proud to announce her love for Sons of Anarchy. As a kid, her superpower of choice would’ve been invisibility, but these days she just is who she is, and it doesn’t matter who can see her. She’s an introvert, but she’d still love to connect with you.


Updated at 12:08pm on May 22, 2013