i. My husband. Since the first time I laid eyes on him in that traffic jam to every day when I look into his eyes. He is constantly growing and improving himself, becoming softer, easier, more relaxed. He always catches me and holds me up and lays me down. He is one of the beautiful humans on this earth and … Read More


i. My morning ritual. Coffee. Smoke cleansing with my own mix. Journaling. More coffee. Sometimes yoga. I haven’t been good at doing yoga daily lately because of weird feeling possible injuries, so I’ve been listening to my body. It is time to start again, though. ii. Sunny days and blue skies. The smell of lilacs. Pine needles. Earth. Dirt. Breathing … Read More


(Image description: Scenic view at Saint Gaudens National Historic Park. Blue sky with fluffy white clouds, Mount Ascutney in the background. Aspet to the right and Pan statue with giant elephant ear plants in the foreground.) Anticipation i. The turn of the calendar from the ending of one month to the beginning of another. The cycles of death and rebirth. … Read More

Glass of iced tea

The Best Sweet Tea Ever

It may sound silly, but after thirty years of making sweet tea, I think I’ve finally found the secret. I’m even willing to share! Fill a two-quart saucepan almost full of filtered water. Bring to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and add 10 tagless black tea bags or one iced tea sized bag. Cover and let tea steep for … Read More

Pot of homemade brine for meat

Pendergrass Brine Recipe

We’ve recently started brining our pork, chicken, and turkey. It adds a whole new level of juicy goodness to these easy-to-dry out meats!

Photo of Cold Cuban Bean Salad in a bowl

Cuban Cold Bean Salad

One of the most refreshing (and protein-rich!) summer salads I make is this Cuban Cold Bean Salad. It’s easy! The hardest part comes in chopping all the veggies, but just turn up your radio and jam out while you do. Cuban Cold Bean Salad 3 cans of beans rinsed and drained (we always use black beans, then we vary on the … Read More

Four clear containers of fresh basil pesto in a row, next to a bundle of fresh basil

She {hearts} Fresh Basil Pesto

  Nothing compares to the intense flavor of fresh basil. If you plan things well, you can carry that fresh summer flavor through the winter by freezing homemade pesto. Once you try this, you’ll never go back to buying pesto. My basil plants were started by seed indoors early in the spring and transplanted to the garden. The secret to … Read More

Ticking off the Time

So. It’s been a month since this. And I don’t know what to say. Because it doesn’t feel real yet.