Medicine Sets Now Available!

Way of Truth Medicine Sets are now available!!


Each set is blessed and infused with healing energy. If you have any special requests, please let me know. I assemble the sets myself. While I’m collecting the components, I repeat healing and positive mantras into these earth items. The vibrations of these messages will reach you in a powerful way.





You will receive seven beautiful chakra stones with a beautiful white muslin bag with drawstring to keep them in!

The stones will be cleared, cleanses, and charged by moonlight plus blessed and infused with my healing energy.

Stones will vary, so your set will look different than what is pictured. You will receive a red or black stone for your root chakra, an orange stone for your sacral chakra, a yellow stone for your solar plexus chakra, a green stone for your heart chakra, a blue stone for your throat chakra, a purple stone for your third eye chakra, and a clear or white stone for your crown chakra.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a digital copy of my Chakra Basics ebook!


You will also receive a package of approximately one half ounce of loose ceremonial sage for smudging.

The sage will be cleared, cleansed, and blessed.


You will receive one custom intuitively blended essential oil in a roller ball. Please indicate any allergies or aversions to scents when ordering. Carrier oil used is coconut oil. All essential oils are therapeutic grade.

You will also receive one abalone shell–depending on the set you choose your shell will be either approximately five to six inches with the large set or three to four inches with the small set. Shells will vary in shape, size, color, and weight. Here are some samples:

The shells will be cleared, cleansed, and blessed.

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The large set is $40 (US shipping included) and the small set is $35 (US shipping included.)


Way of Truth Medicine Circle Intuitive Group Coaching

One of my most natural gifts is the ability to create powerful spaces that allow others to connect with their spirit. It is with this creative ability that I have intentionally designed this service. I am also an artist and teacher, author and editor, and a medicine woman. I combine all of my gifts to serve your spirit’s needs by intuitively creating monthly themes to guide you on your journey of discovering your truth–your medicine–the thing that fills you with endless joy, that lifts your energy to levels akin to walking on clouds, the thing that is deep inside of each of us that is often hidden, broken, abused, or ignored.

I help people to uncover the lies in their lives. Lies that sometimes seem to have no beginning. I follow them to the root and show you how to pull these weeds out of the garden of your soul.  I help you with negative thinking, the downplaying of your power, and the feelings of associated with not living in your truth.

You can join us at our free group on Facebook: Way of Truth Medicine Circle Facebook Group

Way of Truth Medicine Circle Group Coaching

You will experience powerful exercises, challenges, advice, and support in Way of Truth Medicine Circle Group Coaching. Each month we will embark on a journey of self-discovery with a new theme. Lessons, challenges, and exercises supporting the monthly theme will be added at the beginning of each month as well as a section for going deeper for those led to a fuller vision of the theme, followed by tidbits of support and advice throughout the first half of the month. A live group coaching call will be available to you mid-month where you can join me and the rest of the group in an online video conference where we can see each other’s faces and hear one another’s voices. (This call will be recorded for those who cannot make the live call.) After the mid-month call, we can re-align to the theme of the month and spend the rest of the month tweaking things based on the discoveries we’ve made during the call.

Group coaching is for individuals who cannot, for various reasons, commit to the time, energy, or financial constraints of intense one on one coaching. It is also for those who like the support of a group setting.

Because I like options and I feel a variety of options helps people commit on their terms, I’ve created several different opportunities for you.

The details:
Month by month option, no commitment, $40 per month.

Three months group coaching:
$30 a month–$90

Six months group coaching:
$25 a month–$150.
(can be split into 2 monthly payments of $75)

Twelve months of group coaching:
$20 a month–$240
(can be split into 3 monthly payments of $80)


“Autumn Spirit”


My dad took me “hunting” when I was a little girl. He sat me down at the bottom of a tree just a little ways from his. I remember a fawn coming to me, letting me pet him, and I could see his mama just a off in the distance a bit. Two parents watching their children take some calculated risks while watching intently from nearby.

I’ve since considered deer one of my life long spirit animals.

My brother is also a hunter. He’s also one of the biggest supporters of my art.

I started painting five years ago when mom died. I painted her ashes onto canvas for each of us.

My brother soon started sending me photos of things to paint. He’s also one of my biggest challengers. He pushes me to places I don’t believe I can go. He believes in me way more than I believe in myself.

He sent me a photo a few months ago and I took one look and said, “No. Way.”



And I almost gave up. I sent him this first picture and said, “Not sure this is going to work.”





I kept going, though, and it started to take shape.








And then it happened. I was beyond excited.






I stare at it now and feel some pretty strong emotion. I feel like it represents all those who have passed on and are watching over us. It represents that thing we think we can’t do. The thing too big for us. y’know–buck fever. It represents the challenge, the hunt, and the spirituality that comes from all of these things. That calculated risk that is faith.

I hope it means something to you, too. Please share. I’d love to hear your story.

* * * * * * * *

If you’d like an 18×24 poster print of “Autumn Spirit”  you can click here:

I Choose Peace, Love, and Healthy Relationships

peace love healthy relationships

I take a lot of shit from people because I choose to make decisions that honor my inner peace. I have let too many people enter my life and suck me dry. I used to be pissed at myself for not seeing their toxicity, but then I began to understand energy exchange and now I understand that it was my energetic boundaries that needed to be healed because I was attracting co-dependent relationships.

There are people who carry around a lot of negative energy and they don’t know what to do with it. I know I’m dealing with one when I see their name on my phone and I get that sinking feeling in my gut, my chest tightens when I hear their name, if they email, I avoid it, if they comment on a post, I don’t want to read it, if I have to be in the same room with them I am full of dread and anxiety.

These kinds of people need to heal as well, I’ve come to see that. I’ve also come to know that I cannot be in relationship with them. They are on a different part of the journey. They seek out my energy because I have so freely given it in the past–I didn’t know I was giving it. I have just begun to understand that my life pattern was one of absorbing other people’s negativity.

It goes something like this: I am having a super good day. I’m happy, I’m doing something I love to do. I get a call, text, email from the negative person. They come with what seem to be good intentions, so I engage even though the sinking feeling has come, my chest has tightened, and I’m doubting their motives. By way of conversation and being in the same energetic space as me, they begin to dump all of their negativity onto me. As the enabler, I give. I absorb. I take it and absorb it all. They leave feeling refreshed, good, lighter. I walk away feeling heavier, depressed, and ill.

I absorbed so much of everyone else’s stuff that I became ill enough that my systems started to shut down. My adrenal system was in failure. I was *this* close to irreparable kidney damage. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t think.

I started learning how to heal myself. Part of that healing includes removing relationships like I described. I first try to set boundaries with the person. If that doesn’t work, I cut them out of my life. If they cannot respect initial boundaries, I am not well enough to put forth the energy it takes to maintain healthy boundaries. I am as toxic for them as they are for me.

People feel slighted, hurt, and very angry that I make healthy decisions about my life. I can’t control how they feel. I can control how I feel. I choose to no longer absorb their emotions.

I choose peace, love, and healthy relationships.

If anyone I have removed myself from wishes to continue in relationship with me, they need only choose the same. Until then, I hold them in love from afar because sometimes that’s all they will allow.