New Moon Supermoon Shifting Patterns

New Moon Supermoon Shifting Patterns

This is for you if you’ve been interested in coaching with me, shifting perspective, healing, making shifts in your life, or seeking more happiness and fulfillment in your life!!!

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment…THIS is it!!!

Thursday is a new moon supermoon. The first one since 2009.

A super moon means the moon is super close to the earth. So this week’s new moon is closer than the new moon has been to the earth since 2009.

The new moon is a time of setting intentions, planting seeds of vision for your life, a time of new birth and creation.

Think of your life since 2009. Is there anything you’d like to shift to a higher perspective? What patterns and behaviors have you been repeating? Where have you been stuck? Have you felt numb? Like nothing can help? Have you been surviving or just barely keeping your head above water?

Now is the time to set new ideas into motion.

The new moon in June is also one three of 2017’s super moons. (the final supermoon in 2017 is a full moon.)

I’m feeling nudged to help you shift your experience in this life in the space of this amazing energy. I will be leading you from May 25-July 23 in a private group, helping you to anchor to a higher energy. This new cycle will be the start of a new journey for you.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign–this is it.

As the universe would have it…it has already shifted a major part of this. I was supposed to hold my retreat over Mother’s Day weekend, but the town we were holding it at was hit with a thousand-year flood. I rescheduled to the weekend of July 20-23.

July 23 is the new moon!!

If you’ve secured your spot at the retreat, this two-month lead-in is going to be powerful in ways you can’t even fathom.

There are two ways you can participate.

Option #1: Online only from May 25-July 23 for only $111.11 total!! (can be split into two payments of $55.55) (yes. I had to do it that way!) The numbers mean something! (see below)

Option #2: Online portion with the culmination at my retreat in July. (There are only 4 spaces left for the retreat.) When you commit to the retreat, these two powerful supermoon months are included!!) The total investment is $950. However, I will drop that to $750 for the next two days. (payment plans available.)


When Angel Number 1 appears repeatedly it signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you, and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality.

The 1111 number sequence is a sign that there is an opportunity opening up for you, and your thoughts are manifesting them into form at lightening speed. The 1111 is similar to the bright light of a flashbulb. It means that the Universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting your ideas into material form.

When Angel Number 5 appears consistently it indicates that there are changes for the better coming into your life. The energies are now building up to force much-needed changes and these changes may come around with unexpected haste, but they will usher in positive energies and opportunities and will catapult you along on your path in the right direction.

The recurring number sequence of 55 is a message from your angels that it is time to break free from old restraints and constraints that have held you back in the past.


Retreat guests must fill out an application and be approved.

Barefoot, Unplugged, and Wild Retreat

Barefoot, Unplugged, and Wild Retreat





When: July 20-23 2017
Where: Eminence, Missouri

The energy of this place is wildly electric and at the same time peaceful and calm. Wild horses behave so differently from domestic horses–and to have the opportunity in the midwest to observe them is breathtaking and life-changing. Your skin will prickle with excitement as you stand in the field with them.

Their energy is boundless and palpable.

They’re wild, so there is no touching or getting close to them like domestic horses, but they are accustomed to human presence and allow us a glimpse into their life. They give permission to stand nearby and feel their magnificence.


The farmhouse we’re staying in has a trail on the property that the horses have trodden. Just a short way down the dirt road from the house is the field they frequent where they often sleep and graze at dawn and dusk.

This will be a completely unplugged weekend. You can check in with your family daily, but I ask that your phone is nowhere near you during the retreat. In my personal life, I unplug once a week for twenty-four hours. The lessons and energies that integrate during that time are profound and I want you to experience this level of connection with the earth, the animals, and the energies present.

The food will be delicious, completely gluten free, homemade from scratch by my husband, Phil. Trust me when I say you haven’t had food this fabulous anywhere else.

We’ll have nightly guided meditations around the campfire. Intuitively, I’ll lead a spirit journey with the wild horses after we’ve seen them in person where they will share their medicine with us, bring us messages from the spirit realm, and allow us to share in the feeling of complete freedom.






We will enter into ceremony to create our own medicine drums.

My process is traditional and also unique and allows you to create very specific intentions for your personal medicine drum. We will soak the hides and lacing in a unique way, set intentions and put them into the drums, and we will create and birth these with our own hands while in the energy of the wild horses.

With an energy modality I learned in Sedona from a woman who works with the energy vortexes there, I will lead you in capturing the energy from Eminence and the wild horses to carry with you wherever you may roam. It never leaves you and you need only access it.


We will create the drums while connecting with Mother Earth.

We will have a drum circle and a special time of drumming that is called a drum wash. Each person is placed in the center while the others encircle her. We drum the unique song of each person while inviting in the four directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, the ancestors, and all our relations. This powerful ceremony brings all of our medicines to the circle. The feeling you receive from this drum wash will never leave you.



Each day, we will be led in Wild Soul Movement by Christine Juckett.

Wild Soul Movement melts away everything that’s ever made you feel wrong, ashamed, less than, or unsafe in your sacred body. It’s not about working out, it’s about working in.

Wild Soul Movement is a grounded and loving practice designed to get you out of your head and into your body. Together we will redefine the rules, expectations, culture and conditioning that have separated you from your body.

This is a path to power, trust and freedom within. It’s the permission and stability you’ve been craving. The journey of being a woman, falling in love with our bodies, and owning our power is not something that can be done alone.

This is a sacred space where any woman can find and be herself. It all starts here, with a strong community of women who are brave enough to stand up and say yes to a new way.

Our first session will be, “Less control, more magic.”

Christine will intuitively choose the daily sessions for the remainder of our time together.

IMG_0608 (2)

During one of our days, we’ll make dreamcatchers.

Big or small, simple or elaborate, colorful or monotone, it’s up to you. Your dreamcatcher will reflect your desires and your time at this retreat.

IMG_2028 (2)

Leanna Dalton will lead us in creating a Soul Painting. No experience necessary. This is a freeing and healing artistic endeavor that comes from your inner knowing. It’s letting go. It’s freedom. We will be instructed on the power of the heart energy and how to connect to this energy before we start the painting. Not only will we learn some important information about the human condition, but will learn to express freely and begin to see a part of us on canvas that we never knew was even there. Leanna will gently guide us throughout the class.

There will also be opportunity to drive a short distance to observe the wild elk herds. They are a sight to behold! Their power and energy are also big and grand. If you’ve never seen a herd in the wild, you’re in for a special treat. 


The authentic soul connections you will create at this retreat will astound you. The depth to which we will connect is limitless. I am holding space for you, for your freedom, your rest, your relaxation, and your time of transformation here. You will gain a new and powerful deepening of yourself at this retreat. Your confidence will soar with the eagles–which, by the way, we might catch a glimpse of in Eminence.


Your registration includes all homemade, from scratch, gluten free meals–dinner Thursday, three meals a day Friday and Saturday, and brunch on Sunday plus snacks and beverages. Registration also includes lodging, drum making supplies, and Wild Movement sessions. You will be completely taken care of!

When:  July 20-23, 2017
Where: Eminence, Missouri
Investment: $950
Registration closes July 8, 2017

Attendance is limited to 8 women,

You can fly into St. Louis. We will work with you to get from St. Louis to Eminence. Details regarding location of the farmhouse and other information will be discussed individually.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are joining us. Email or Facebook me.

Altered Art Card Swap!

Altered Art Card Swap!

14212613_10154520917069264_6835733139356281952_n (1)


So here’s the basics!!

I’d like to have 52 participants so we can all do a full deck of 52 cards.

$15 to participate.

What you do: Use a deck of cards or a deck of flash cards (Dollar General and Target usually have $1 decks.)

Alter the deck: Cover (glue) one or both sides with something–cardboard, paper, paint, or canvas sheets.

Art up the cards as you wish. One side, both sides, whatever you please.

Send the cards to me by May 1.

I’ll separate them and everyone will receive a deck of altered art cards by all different artists!!


16807115_10155084154009264_4225020989029521570_n 16865108_10208862345298267_4883687238142310802_n 16865212_10155084153574264_7269831113476584612_n 16939230_10155084153804264_5394648217681336343_n 16939367_10208862342618200_8490780296760674864_n
Cost is $15 which will cover the sorting, packaging, and mailing of the altered decks.

Clearing and Creating Space

Freedom word art by michelle pendergrass
A slow journey.

For weeks now I’ve been receiving messages I didn’t quite comprehend. Instead of trying to figure them out (which is what my default is) I instead chose to sit with them, hear them, receive them–with no expectations.

I finished my vision board and Phil said, “There’s a lot more space on it than last year’s.”

Yep. Confirmation!

pendergrass 2017 vision board

I have been prompted to create space…

But not in the way that you might first think.

I’m actually being called to create space in the physical realm–meaning an opening, an expansion.

a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied.

the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.

position (two or more items) at a distance from one another.

the in-between. (this message especially has been fierce)

We live in a time where we fill every last second with something. No one has time for anything. Everyone is rushing everywhere. Doing and doing and doing until they’re falling over in exhaustion and illness. Adrenal issues are at an all time high. People are disconnected with the earth and her cycles. We bathe in artificial light and damage ourselves with it. Information overload is making us the most anxious, worrisome creatures to ever live. We chug down pills to numb the anxiety, we drink ourselves into oblivion, overindulge in things because we “deserve” it, and we’re more miserable than ever.

My thoughts default to: are people really that blind?

I think they might be. I know I was.

I held on to things–and not just material things. This journey will take us through some emotional and spiritual clearing as well as physical clearing and creating.

We fill our homes with stuff, we’re in debt over our heads, we’re chained to payments, mortgages, loans, and we’re working our asses off to pay for things we have little to no time to enjoy.

We’re never fully present for much of anything.

We don’t re-align society without re-aligning ourselves first.

We have to stop looking outside of ourselves for salvation, safety, and resolution.

I have been creating space in my life for many, many years now and I feel like I’m being called to share that teaching with others. We have been debt free for over a decade. We both work from home. We have created a life of simplicity and joy. I do what I love–every single day. I have cleared away societal expectations, familial judgments, and spiritual legalism. There is so much freedom for you!

Starting with the new moon on January 27, I will be teaching those of you who choose to join me in a group setting on Facebook that will take you on a slow journey of clearing and creating space.

The power of 27 is asking to be acknowledged–so for 27 weeks we’ll be in community together addressing the aspects of life that have kept us overwhelmed for far too long.

Staying in alignment with this power number, I’m going to open up the group to only 27 people and keep it at a very affordable $27 a week.

2+7 is 9 which is a number of ending cycles but also new beginnings. Death and rebirth.

If you have lived in a world of anxiety, stress, and worry…
If you feel like you don’t have choices…
If you’re exhausted, tired, and often sick…
If you’re ready for a fulfilling life
ready to call your power back
ready to really move forward
If you’re ready to be happy–

Please consider this for 2017–(can you see the 27 in there at the beginning and end?) 😉

Seriously, I am going to be super woo-woo and cheesy here, but these numbers are on display asking to be listened to! 😉

No one can change things for you except for you. I can make offers and teach until the cows come home–none of it means anything unless you decide to step forward and receive.

You will receive:

~weekly lessons that are quick and profound, but can also be taken to a deeper level.

~two sixty-minute coaching calls during the 27 weeks, to be used at your discretion.

~a supportive private group to explore your journey and to offer support to others

~live videos to help with the teachings

~intimate guidance geared toward your personal journey

Are you ready?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bonuses and backstory!!

I was figuring some numbers for participant because she and I had talked about creating a package that would give her freedom to call me when she needed me most during her busy season at work. I am always open to the scheduling needs of my people so I wanted to offer her a bundle of calls that she could use whenever she wanted.

I had no clue I would create this offer today. It came to me while I was doing reflection readings in my Facebook group: Way of Truth Medicine Circle and so I listened to the urge to write this. I stared at the date January 27 for a very long time and the 27’s started to float in the air around me. And that’s how I decided on the 27 weeks for $27 a week.

Diane then mentioned that her birthday was January 27!!

I grabbed my calculator to figure out how I could give her a great deal on this Creating Space teaching plus the bundle of calls we’d originally talked about.

I took my 6 month weekly program and divided it down into 27 weeks (which is one more than is supposed to be there, I know, but I wanted to stick with the 27’s)

It came out to 55.55/week. I divided that in half to give you a deal and comes out to


I was figuring on an average of 2 calls a month in a 6 month period of time, that’s 12 calls–and I’m offering 2 calls with the Creating Space program, so she’d need an additional 10 calls…

At $27 per call for 10 calls that’s $270!!!

BAM!! The Universe is freaking amazing!

Now, I’m going to extend this offer to anyone who would like to jump in the vortex with me!!!

27 weeks of lessons, $27 a week, plus an additional ten sixty-minute calls for $27 per call or $270.

I can say with certainty, that this is the only time I will offer this!! Since today is December 27–what if I sweeten the deal even more?? Commit to this bonus deal by tomorrow and I will create a piece of word art for you–whatever word you would like, I will do an 8×10 black and white ink drawing for you in the style of my word for 2017 “Freedom”

This offer will officially close on January 27.
Commit today–December 27–for the teaching and bonus calls for the word art bonus!!

27 Weekly Payments

Pendergrass Firearms Instruction: Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Class


Saturday June 4, 2016         8:30am-5pm

Location: Shell Knob, Missouri

Bring your lunch.

Must be 19 years of age. Must be a Missouri resident.

Price $100 deposit of $50 required to secure your spot. Price does not include the fees collected by your county.

Please contact me for further information.

Options for payment


(trigger warning. childhood abuse, sexual violation.)
People without boundaries get angry when you start setting them.
When I was a child, my boundaries were crossed all too often and because I was dependent on the boundary-crossers for survival, I had no choice but to allow it. As an adult, I didn’t know I had a choice–until recently. The last decade has been a journey to Self by laying down the shit that’s not mine to carry…like generation after generation of abusive behaviors and actions.
It stops here.
People are angry with me for stepping out, for saying “This doesn’t feel healthy to me” and for not engaging in those situations. They try to make me feel guilty with some false sense of nobility–“This is family, you should (insert guilt inducing activity.)”
Family. Those are the people who trampled my boundaries in my toddler years and continued to do so (and still do, to this day.) These are the people that believe they get a pass on their bad behavior because they’re related. They believe things passed down to them (just like I did.)
The truth is that boundaries are healthy for families.
People are uncomfortable when I speak my truth. It makes them squirm when they hear me talk about the abuse I endured. Maybe they didn’t know my abusers as abusers. They don’t want to believe it. They don’t want to hear it. They want me to shut up.
They want to shut me up.
That’s their road.
It’s not up to me to change their minds or prove to them I’m telling the truth. It’s not my responsibility to help people accept that I was abused. Maybe they were abused as well, it’s quite likely given that we shared space with the same people. Maybe they like to keep their problems hidden under the rug or maybe they feel more comfortable being the victim.
I get it. I was there, too.
I hid things, like I was supposed to. Like I was taught to. I hid in my toy box. I hid under the stairs with the spiders. In our house there was a 1970’s empty brick planter in the entryway that was normally piled high with coats that I hid in, There was a space in the wall across from “the bricks” that was meant to be a fireplace, but it was just an empty hole in the wall that I hid in. I hid in the doghouse with my favorite dog. I hid in the woods by our house, I hid at the playground at school. As I got older, I played hiding games. We played “Ditch” around the neighborhood–a pre-teen version of hide and seek. When I got my license I played “Fox” a teen version of hide and seek with CB radios. I hid at the beach, I hid at my friend’s houses.
I started hiding with alcohol when I was 12. I drank to lose control but I couldn’t lose control. No matter how drunk I was, I was still in control. There was no hiding. And then I wanted to die. I read books like Carrie and Thirteen is Too Young to Die. I wanted Lupus so I would have a reason to die. I fantasied about how amazing life would be if I was dead. I tried to take my life, but something always stopped me. Like I wasn’t allowed to die. Like I had to keep facing these abusers and keep kissing their dead bodies in their coffins because “this will be the last time you ever see them.”
No. Because I see them in my mind and in my dreams and in my distorted and warped life. I see them every day. I see them in the foods I eat and won’t eat. I seem them in the clothes I choose to wear because pants and tight jeans make it super hard for sexual predators to put things down there that don’t belong. Dresses are a wide open invitation for violation. But dresses are for girls and it’s not ladylike to wear jeans and have short hair and like sports. Then I don’t want to be a lady, because the ladybits are what is attracting this unwanted, uncomfortable behavior from adult men who aren’t supposed to do this sort of thing and I don’t want to be lady.
Then I was the victim. When my first abuser died, I watched the whole family cry and grieve and mourn…and I was relieved. Even the ones who saw the repeated behavior and knew it was constantly happening were sad and upset and hurt. I was not. That was the beginning of the separation. I was still very young, though, and without guidance, so I did the best I could. I pretended that I was sad for them because when I wasn’t, they were uncomfortable. I started keeping a journal and blaming everyone. All of those who knew what was happening, all of the people who should’ve helped me and didn’t. I blamed them and then I blamed God and then I blamed myself. That brought the anger. The rage. The fury.
And doctors wanted to send me to mental facilities and drug me.
Because something was wrong with MY behavior because my boundaries were destroyed and people used my body like a sex toy. Because everyone put the blame on me with their actions, in-actions, and unwritten rules of conduct.
Every time I tried to escape it and get away from it, someone from the family would bring the guilt to my table. So and so is dying, you *have* to visit. So and so is getting married, you cannot miss the wedding, they’re family. So and so is having a baby shower, you *have* to go, they’re family. You can’t stop talking to so and so, they’re family. You don’t do that. It’s not right. They’re family.
Let me just say this once and for all. Fuck family. (and for those who need direction, this is not my angry voice. This is my calm, it’s time to stand in my truth voice.) Fuck this idea that because we are related I have some obligation to continue with the fuckery that goes on within the dysfunctional walls of someone else’s definition of family.
This is me, no longer hiding, no longer being a victim, and no longer blaming.
This is me saying I take responsibility for my health. My mental, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual health. This is me saying if you don’t like my life-choices, my boundaries, and my decisions to enter into healing, it’s ok. You’re allowed to not like me, or not like what I say, or not like what I do. You’re allowed to feel everything that you feel. As a matter of fact, I recommend it. And maybe it’s good that I hold a mirror up to the illusions. Maybe you’ll recognize that the things we’ve been taught are untrue.
Because it’s not that I want things to be this way. Believe me, I’ve been trying to change this since I was a little tiny girl. I’ve been trying to fix the family since the moment I was born–and that’s no exaggeration. I was born into people wanting to kill themselves and was heralded as the “one who saved me.”
How many times did I try to save those who wanted to be dead?
How many times did I rush to their sides?
How many nights did I sleep in hospitals?
How many empty bottles of alcohol did I secretly dispose of?
How many secrets did I keep?
How many affairs did I witness with my own young eyes?
How many letters did I hide in my top dresser drawer?
How many empty pill bottles did throw away?
How many deviant sexual acts did I endure?
How many punches did I take to save someone else the pain?
How many drug dogs did I turn loose in houses so there would be no surprises for the rest of you?
How much sick porn did I throw away so you wouldn’t see it?
How many lies did I keep for you?
To make you comfortable so that you wouldn’t have to deal with this mess?
How many nights did I soothe those with unspeakable nightmares?
How many times did I stare down the business end of a weapon not knowing if I would live another moment?
I get it. I get that my stepping out and away makes you uncomfortable. It’s not been easy for me. I own that I have caused you pain. But like childbirth, some pain is necessary. I’m choosing the pain that brings joy, just like labor pains are the prelude to the purest love a person here can feel. Rather than choose the constant pain and agony of the past, I choose the present life-giving pain of separation. As a baby separates from the mother’s womb, it’s a painful, traumatic ordeal. But in the end, it’s all worth it.
I hope peace and love are found for those on the other side of my boundaries and separation.
It’s time for me to step into the light.
Whether or not others are ready or accepting of that is none of my concern.
I wish no one harm or malice. There are just some situations here on earth that require physical separation. Like a baby can’t live in the womb forever, I can’t stay in the darkness I’ve been in.

The Big Book of Fuck

Coming Soon!!

The Big Book of Fuck Coloring Book!!!

white with watermark


Keep me informed about The Big Book of Fuck!

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Fuck it. me. you. off. this. everything

Coming Soon!!

The Big Book of Fuck Coloring Book!!!

Fuck it. me. you. off. them. everything

Keep me informed about The Big Book of Fuck!

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Fuck it
Fuck you
Fuck everything
Fuck me
Fuck my life
Fuck this
Fuck this job
I’m fucked
Wanna fuck?
Oh fuck
Fuck yeah!
Fucking Fuck
Fuck a duck
Fucking pissed
What the fuck?
Fucked up
Oh fucking hell
Fuck that
Fuck everybody
Fuck him
Fuck her
Fuck Y’all
Fuck all y’all
Fuck y’uns
Fuck no!
Fuck you, you fucking fuck!
Fuck bucket
Da fuck?
Are you fucking serious?
Why the fuck would you believe that?
Fuck yinz
Fuck youz
Fuckin’ A!
Unfuck yourself
Go fuck yourself
<p style=”text-align: center;”>Fuck
Fuck it
Fuck you
Fuck everything
Fuck me
Fuck my life
Fuck this
Fuck this job
I’m fucked
Wanna fuck?
Oh fuck
Fuck yeah!
Fucking Fuck
Fuck a duck
Fucking pissed
What the fuck?
Fucked up
Oh fucking hell
Fuck that
Fuck everybody
Fuck him
Fuck her
Fuck Y’all
Fuck all y’all
Fuck y’uns
Fuck no!
Fuck you, you fucking fuck!
Fuck bucket
Da fuck?
Are you fucking serious?
Why the fuck would you believe that?
Fuck yinz
Fuck youz
Fuckin’ A!
Unfuck yourself
Go fuck yourself

Submit your idea in comments!!

Reflecting {Possibilities}





Simplify. {2008}
Simplify. {2009}
Simplify. {2010}
Believe. {2011}
Grace. {2012}
Restore {2013}
Listen (Silent) {2014}
Possibilities {2015}

I was so excited about {Possibilities} when it came to me! And the year started off with a bang for sure!! During the first week of January, I was featured on Cedar Rapid’s local news for doing Art Drops–giving away free paintings! The video has been taken down from the site, so I have this photo in remembrance. What an exciting first week of January!!


After the Art Drop piece aired, I was contacted by the local newspaper and they did a complete feature!! Here’s the article. 

I had spent the previous two years in Cedar Rapids with little to no business. I was traveling back to Indiana once a month, staying a week with my brother, and doing Wine and Canvases and photo shoots for the entire week I was there. I’d go back home to Cedar Rapids and nothing. I couldn’t break into the market. So these two features were (what I thought to be) a major push and advance for me!

Then, on January 18, we received news that Phil’s mom passed away, alone, in her home. We left for Missouri and spent two weeks taking care of arrangements. We’d skipped Christmas presents and instead planned a family trip to Las Vegas for the last week of January, so of course, we cancelled that. It took so much time and so many helping hands to clean the house out. It was devastating. First and foremost, the sudden loss and then the aftermath that comes with being completely responsible for an estate, albeit a small one. Even though the house was small, it was packed to overflowing with a life’s worth of things that we had to clear in two weeks to get the house ready to go on the market. The more we cleaned and cleared, the more we realized that  maybe we should keep paying on the small mortgage and use it to visit the kids and grandkids. But then having that extra expense year-round for a week or two of vacation seemed irrational.

It was then, while we were walking near Table Rock Lake, that we began to dream of new possibilities. The cost of living was far less in Shell Knob than in Cedar Rapids. Our older two kids and two grandsons were in the area. We’d been debt free for the previous decade, so we didn’t have anything holding us down. At first it seemed impossible, but the more we talked, the more excited we got, and the more the possibility started to make sense.

Then on March 6, my dad passed away, losing his two and a half year battle with squamous cell cancer.





I painted him a picture instead of flowers. I know he’s ok with that.


And the list grew. Since 2006 we’d lost my Uncle Ed, who was more like my big brother than my uncle, Grandma Barnes, Grandpa Jack, Grandma Schalk (on Phil’s birthday,) Grandma Dranchak, my best friend, Jill, my mom, Phil’s step-dad, Phil’s mom and now my dad.

Between Phil and I we have no grandparents and no parents with us any longer. And at 43 and46–that’s a very weird place to be. That solidified our decision to move south, to Missouri, to bring our family together. To put down some roots and to make a go at living as artisans. Phil quit his corporate job and we loaded up and we started packing.

On the way to dad’s funeral, I saw eleven eagles flying over the Mississippi river. The flag was presented to me. That was one of the hardest things and most honorable thing I’ve been through.



I got a new tattoo, to honor dad. To honor me.

To honor forgiveness and love.

To give myself permission to move forward in a powerful way.


I let my tattoo artist do whatever he wanted. I just wanted a dreamcatcher. I didn’t even look at what he freehanded. Before I knew it, I was just about passed out in pain and my entire right forearm was covered in this amazing piece of art–full of symbolism from a man I’m grateful to call my friend. The antlers, the feathers, the arrowhead, the one bead in the dreamcatcher…all meaningful to me.




On the way home from dad’s funeral, I was scrolling through Facebook and in the very same place I saw the eleven eagles on the way to Indiana, I read a post telling of a sweat lodge ceremony on March 21–the eve of my 43rd birthday.

I’ve spent over two decades journeying towards healing. The last two years in Cedar Rapids had been the most intense and the most rewarding.
Back in June, I was supposed to attend my first sweat lodge ceremony.

June 7. The anniversary of my mom’s death.

I thought that would be one of the final steps in my healing journey with the symbolism of death and rebirth and purification that comes with the ceremony. However, it was canceled because the water pourer’s doctor forbade him from doing another sweat ceremony because of heart problems. I was devastated. The center that hosts the ceremonies said they didn’t know anyone else to take his place, so they were anticipating not having more in the future.

I had done a guided meditation to find my master spirit guide. Mine is an elder Native American named Mehoneeah. He instructed me to come see him in meditation when I saw an eagle flying. On the way to my dad’s funeral, I saw eleven!

I was just amazed that I’d have the chance to do the ceremony before our move to Missouri. I meditated when I got home (because I’d seen the eagles) and he showed me a vision, part of which included him adorning me in warrior gear in preparation for the sweat lodge ceremony. He painted my face, he gave me a spear and a knife and an eagle dropped an arrowhead necklace around my neck.

Fast forward (and skipping many, many other interesting details) to the ceremony. The water pourer’s son was the fire keeper and his three year old daughter was there for a time when it was still early and the fire was being prepared. At one point, Patience grabbed my hand and wanted me to sit with her by the fire. I did. She got right up in my lap. I cradled her and I rocked her. I just kept rocking her. Her grandmother, grandfather, and her father were all visibly shocked that she was in my lap and falling asleep. Just before the ceremony was to begin, her father took her from my arms to take her to the grandmother’s car. She started whimpering and told her daddy, “No! I want her!” and headed straight back into my arms. I hugged her and told her I loved her and she hugged me so tight. She went back to her dad, but kept whimpering softly and saying she wanted me. (when I explained all this to my husband I said that while rocking her,  if she had been my child, I would’ve thought she was trying to crawl back up into me because she just couldn’t get close enough to me.) Later the water pourer said to me, “Thank you for your healing energy here tonight. You are such a healer. And I think you and my granddaughter were friends in a different life. I’ve never seen her take to someone like she did you.”

While I was being smudged with sage, while a prayer was being sung, eagle came flying over my head. He left after my smudging was finished. (another attendee told me this part. My eyes were closed and I would’ve never known!)

During the sweat, my master guide came to me. Honestly, I was a bit afraid because of all the warrior preparation beforehand. He approached me, put his hands to my face, and washed off my warrior paint.

He left my arrowhead necklace, but he took my spear and knife from me and put them aside. He said, “This is who you were. You are now born into forgiveness.” He then took my arm into his hand and pointed at my tattoo and said, “This is a reminder of who you once were and what you are now.” He told me that I am no longer a warrior, but carry the warrior spirit in me.

In the dark of sweat lodge, sweating out my impurities, smelling the sage and lavender, and watching my guide’s hands come to my face and feeling the warrior paint being wiped away while hearing his words…

I don’t think I’ve ever cried that hard in my life.

The nex day, I forgotten about a free session I’d won with (who I thought was) a business coach.

She asked me to put my hand on my heart, and a vision of the a previous energetic cord cutting and healing came to me. The place I was told needed to be healed was my heart, but the cord I’d just cut was also attached to my heart. An angel put mud on my heart and held his hand over it until it dried, then told me I had another *huge* cord to be cut from my heart, but I needed to heal first. I thought it would be cut and healed in another meditation at a later date.

I (wrongly) thought that healing was the last step. That the sweat lodge ceremony was the climax of this particular part of my journey. But this lady was more of an intuitive healer and she guided me to say goodbye to my gypsy girl. She asked me to take that little gypsy girl in my lap and rock her and my mind went to the Water Pourer’s granddaughter sitting on my lap. I was rocking her.

I was given a physical representation of a spiritual truth.

These two things–the warrior paint being wiped off and the little girl in my lap symbolizing my physical realm and my spiritual realm–are two of the most profound things that have ever happened to me.

I became fully me.



I had enrolled in a course (on a whim) and paid a few hundred dollars to dig deeper into things that were really interesting me–stones, crystals, sage (I’d already been burning sage and playing with stones for about a year, but hadn’t really dug into them,) oracle cards, meditation, all that woo woo stuff! I’d always been in touch with my woo, but mostly secretive about it, because in the past, when I’d talk about it, things would happen–like pastors heading up witch hunts against me. But I was pretty tired of people telling me what I could and couldn’t do–so I went for it.  We were in the third week, the group was led by two instructors, when I asked a question regarding masculine and feminine energy (remember this for later, it becomes very, very important–and I *just* realized how important it has become.) Anyway, I asked this question and pissed off one of the instructors, I guess because I questioned her authority, and the next thing I know, she disbanded the group (nearly 30 people paid hundreds of dollars to be in–and I lost my ass on this on. Didn’t get a cent back,) she blocked me, and all kinds of crazy ass drama. I tried to speak to her, but she hung up on me.

That goes right along with my entire life–asking teachers, instructors, pastors, gurus questions and having them get pissed off at me and kicking me out of their space.

Only this time, I moved on quickly, because for real, who has time for that shit? Like anyone else in my life, I’d reconcile if the chance became available. I’ve thanked these people (in spirit) for the lessons they’ve taught me, and I’ve worked to correct the things in me that no longer serve my highest purpose.




Another chapter in life came to an end around August when I had to return to Indiana to do a final walk-through of our Indiana house that we’d been renting out since 2009. I met the same amount of devastation as in January when we had to clean out Phil’s mom’s house. Only the people who left the house in this condition were alive and well, they just chose to make decisions that led to the destruction of my property.

Again, a lesson presented itself. I could keep entering into destructive situations or I could choose to not do that. Seems easy, but when it’s family, it gets a little harder. I tried to open the door of communication, tried to discuss the past events that had led to the current drama, all to no avail.

I was called a liar. A fake. (and I’m sure much worse–because when they think people aren’t listening, they speak harsh words. I know this because one day my dad was yelling at me on the phone and he thought he hung up, but he didn’t. So I heard everything they had to say about me–and they were mad at me, calling me names, because of decisions they’d made and wouldn’t take responsibility for.) And the same thing was happening again (minus dad this time.)

So in the same year that we gained a home in Missouri, we lost a home in Indiana. Both in ruins. There was a lot of cleaning this year.





So we cleaned, cleared, and got rid of things that didn’t belong. We made our little home on the lake into our sanctuary. Into the place where we are now free to dream of the {possibilities} that lie ahead of us. Phil and I live well together. We celebrated 21 years this summer and we’re living a life we’ve always dreamed of.

Our oldest son married a beautiful woman this year and we got to be a major part of it all. It’s what we’ve always wanted. Strong family bonds, Sunday dinners, campfires, talks, and all of the crazy beautiful things that come with being together.



I traveled a lot this year. From Iowa to Indiana. From Iowa to Missouri. From Missouri to New Orleans, Wisconsin, Chicago, Baltimore. While in Baltimore, we drove to DC and I saw the Vietnam Wall for the first time in my life. I didn’t think I’d be overwhelmed, but I was. I could feel the spirit of my dad with me, I could feel the loss sustained. I could feel the heaviness. But I could also feel the healing. I honored my dad while I was there, knowing that he would have been a different man–and our relationship would’ve been different–had he not been drafted. Had he not witnessed the horrible things he’d seen there.





So life looks different than it ever has. It’s emptier, but fuller. It’s most definitely filled with more peace. More love. More joy. I’m learning how to let go, to look within, and to bring forward the girl that has been hiding behind a wall of fear.




I’ve started coaching people. Well, I’ve always done that, but I’m doing it in a focused, official capacity now. I’ve integrated my art, photography, and intuitive nature and am leading people on sacred journeys–and you guys–THIS is what all of the heartache and pain and loss and lessons have led to. Sometimes I’ve felt like I’ve lived a hundred lives (all of them painful and abuse-filled) and now I see clearly the redemption. When these souls say to me they’re hurt, I know the pain.

I am  healed. Now I heal.

And it is exactly where I’m meant to be.




Phil and I have spent the last week dreaming. Setting intentions. Thinking about 2016 and beyond. And we’re dreaming of bigger {possibilities} than ever before!!

In discovering our dreams, I’ve also discovered a place inside of me that needs deeper healing. Until I wrote this, though, I didn’t connect it to the events of the beginning of the year.

My word for 2016 is {Receive} and receiving is feminine energy. My life has been dominated by masculine energy. The survivor, the fighter, the warrior, the bold and vicious person that I have had to be to get through this life of abuse and pain.

But now?

I am no longer that person.

I am no longer a warrior (though I carry the warrior spirit with me.)

And yes, there is much fear in this for me. Because to {receive} is to be wide open and completely vulnerable.



But I shall deepen into that fear and release it.

Once and for all.

And I shall {receive} the love that awaits me.

I am no longer a warrior. That is who I was.

I {receive} my new identity.

I am excited thinking about the integration and the coming into a fuller, richer, brighter version of myself.