Seems weird, but I’ve been doing the Blog Hop for three years now! Robin has been a good bloggy friend for quite some time and I also met another bloggy-bestie, Amber at the very first Blog Hop.

What’s changed in the last year?
I’m way into Visual Prayer and have even written and submitted a book proposal about it! I’m doing workshops and started a website!
I’ve started a photography challenge called Popinjay. You can read about it here and see examples here. (Really, really hope you’ll join us!!)
I’m now Editor-in-Chief of The Midnight Diner (Our 3rd edition is going to print next week!)
I’m president of ccPublishing, which produces The Midnight Diner and Relief Journal.
My website is being redesigned as we speak and should be ready any day now! I’m so excited!
About me:
Wife, mother, grandmother, author, editor, photographer, artist, homeschooler.
I think that’s about it! Hope to see you around!!

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