backyard autumn

When we first found out Phil was fired, I grieved over the loss of what had become home. We lived on site. Loss of job equaled loss of home. Loss of my garden. My flower beds. My back yard. My view. My porch swing.

All selfish things, things I had come to enjoy. Things I loved to share with others, inviting them over. So maybe not the loss of things, but the loss of the people who I could no longer watch enjoy the peacefulness of the land.

But still. I missed it and knew I would miss it.

tuesday sunrise 2011nov08

Instead of being thankful, I was resentful.

I began thanking again. Giving glory to God for protecting us and providing for us and preparing us for what’s to come.

And I feel like He’s painting the sky just for me. Selfish? Maybe. Probably. But He’s showing me I didn’t lose anything, I gained a whole new life.


Simple Moments at Bigger Picture Blogs linking with Sarah this week.

Photography–The Blue Hour

Last winter, I took this photo.

And this one (my favorite!!)

Since then I’ve tried to recreate the look and have failed miserably. I could see that the combination of whitish-yellow of light with a blue-looking background was something I must need to achieve the desired dramatic effect, but I didn’t know how to replicate the process.

Until now!!!

Thanks to winning some Kent Weakly eClasses on Night Photography my girl Brooke McGlothlin gave away during her Journals of a Photography Newbie series!

NOW I get it!!  And I learned I don’t need the whitish-yellow light. It helps create a gorgeous effect. But I can also create the blue color without it!

I learned about the Blue Hour during the blizzard of 2011, but I was a dedicated little student.  I dressed up for the occasion.


and got this first. Not so blue, but very blizzardy.


Then the blue hour!


So Kent was absolutely right. The weather doesn’t matter. I was surprised. However, I wouldn’t suggest stomping around in weather that will give you frostbite. I know I won’t do it again. Ok. So maybe I will.

I went out again last night, the weather was much nicer, a heat wave, really. I shot these. The first one, meh. It’s ok. But not stunning.


This one? Getting closer to stunning.


And finally…my favorite from last night (and it does kind of take my breath away just a little bit)


My Newbie tip this week? Learn from a professional. You won’t be sorry!

Photography–Continuous Shooting

Continuous shooting is fun. There’s no two ways about it.

Change the setting from single shooting to continuous, focus on the action, and hold down that trigger finger–don’t let up on it. The moments I’ve caught with continuous shooting mode have been priceless.

Here’s what happens.