There are days God’s presence is so heavy and all encompassing I question why it is He chose me. The spiritual eyes He gives are overwhelming. The glimpses are sometimes terrifying, but yet–He gives more and trusts me as I struggle to trust him.

He gives me words to share with others and when I do, like the prophets and disciples, I’m ridiculed, shunned, rejected.

And in that weakness–I understand it is then He is fully guiding.

Like Solomon, to know more is to know more pain. But to know Christ and share in His suffering–this is the cross we are to pick up?

To be lied about, this is what following Jesus looks like?

And how is it through so much pain, so much stress, so many trials–how is it that my soul is at rest?

Infinite peace flows through my blood because Christ’s blood is my blood. His people are my people and their blood is His blood.

His mind is my mind–to share the mind of Christ–how can I even fathom such a thing?

The Holy Spirit that resides in me, resides in His people and it IS Him.   Jesus said, “I am one with the Father.” And do I really comprehend that Holiness is IN me?

Do I live each day–do I ever access even a portion of what I have been given?


Those are my words from the writing circle at the Bigger Picture Blogs Creative Soul event this past weekend.  My soul is full.