I was invited to participate and I’m game for some fun stuff. So welcome to the first Flaunt It Friday…This week’s flaunt: Let the Cat Out of the Bag. Empty your purse, wallet, etc to flaunt just who it is you are.

So. What do the contents of my purse reveal?

1. I work everywhere I go. My pretty pink polka-dotted folder has my current scenes and I edit them when I’m waiting. Anywhere. It also has my “Book I Want To Read/Books I’ve Read” list in it.

2. I always read, so there’s my book. It always changes, but there’s always one in my purse.

3. I makes lots of lists. My full sized note-pad, list maker thing which includes meal plans for the week. My grocery list and receipt, separate because it hangs on the fridge and then I grab it when I leave.

4. I’m a germ-a-phobe. Hand sanitizer and lotion because I’m might overwash my hands a bit.

5. Gum and Altoids.

6. Oh yeah. I  have pens. And, uhm, I didn’t take them all out of the purse. The pink thing is full, there’s some laying there on the table, and yes, there are more in my purse.

This is getting uncomfortable. LOL

7. There’s more mouth stuff. Halls and lip balm.

8. My wallet, my business card holder. Pretty common. I hope.

9. Pictures from Walmart.

10. My earphone for my cell. The cell is on the charger right now, but its usually in there. The phone is pink. 😉

11. Coupons for free Burger King and a scrap of paper with a phone number on it.

Ok, that was relatively harmless. Except now you know I’m a little freaky.

TheMommyKelly left a nice little comment about my pen hording. This is sure to drive people far, far away from me. I snapped a few pictures around my house. Took me less than five minutes. Are you ready?