It’s not right that my memory fails me in remembering the day that we brought Leslie into our home. Even more wrong that I can’t recall the year. It was at a Jeremy Camp concert at a church in South Bend (or was it Fort Wayne?) Phil and I had been discussing a charity to support for the upcoming year, so it must have been Christmastime. We’d given monthly to a different charity and wanted to support something else. Jeremy was on stage describing the children he and his wife support and packets (nice packets) were passed out to the audience. Leslie was given to us (by God. I’m sure of it) her birthday was just months from Zane’s, both the same age. Our hearts melted. She was ours.

We write letters to each other. We pray for each other. We love each other.

Now, as a Compassion Advocate–I’m  the one at events passing out packets and signing people on. (I’m the hands and feet of Christ delivering a child into the loving arms of willing parents.)  It makes my heart overflow!

I’ve been with the Compassion Bloggers from the start. Now we’re 1,100 strong and over 5,000 children have hope. Do you know how amazing that is?!

The Gifts of Compassion online catalog is now available. Go look!!  Your family can choose to purchase a mosquito net ($10) all the way up to major surgery for these worthy children and their families.  Please consider deciding as a family giving the gift of compassion this Christmas.

You can also find out more about sponsoring a child here.