But you already knew that didn’t you? (Yeah. So did I.)

I had my blood tested again to check my thyroid. For five months now, I’ve had blood drawn and an increase in the dosage of my meds following the doctor’s review of my labs.

Twice now he’s asked me if I’m even taking the meds.

Yes. Every morning. Same time. Empty stomach. No other meds. Wait an hour before eating. No antacids, iron, or other pills at the same time or anywhere close to the time I take the thyroid meds. Religiously. Never missed a dose, not even once. Yes, taking branded Rx, not generic.

The doctor said, “I’m confused. With the increased dosage, you’re bloodwork is getting worse.”

I laughed. How could I not? So he’s upping them again and we’ll see what happens. I’m losing hope.

I mean, I don’t need to be skinny. I’m okay being my plump self. Phil would be sorely upset if I lost the boobage.

It would be okay if my brain got a little less foggy because I do things like leave ice cream out (and Phil or Zane put it away) or I leave the water on in the garden for eleven hours and nearly run the well dry (and Phil calls to remind me all day long of things I’m supposed to remember) but I’m getting by.

It’s hard to write stories and it’s been taking me longer to get them finished, but I’m not dying. I’m doing alright.

And are naps really that bad? Three hour naps almost daily? On top of ten to twelve hours of sleep every night? (No wonder I can’t get anything done!)

I’m sick of hearing how everyone knows someone with hypothyroidism and two weeks after starting the meds, EVERY-FREAKING-ONE feels like new. All better. Case closed.

I’m not complaining, really, things could be much worse and I know that.

One of you out there has to know at least ONE person like me? Right? One who takes her meds correctly and whose bloodwork gets worse with higher doses?