Call me names if you want, I listen to Howard Stern and aside from the obvious shock stuff, he has always come across as an intelligent man, one I’d get along with if we happened to just meet somewhere.

Well, Howard invited Bill Keller of LivePrayer on the show. Disclaimer: I’ve never heard of Keller, but I looked around his website and it seems he’s doing good work. So here we have Shock Jock Stern inviting a man to preach Jesus for an hour. I am so totally all over that!

Here’s the update sent from Bill Keller to his audience.

In the aftermath of the program, we received over 2200 emails for prayer, 80% were from people who were seriously looking for prayer, counsel and guidance. We had 5 people we know of pray with me at the end of the program to accept the Lord. One person summed it up pretty well when he stated” When I heard that Howard Stern let a man preach the Bible and Jesus to his audience I knew hell had just frozen over and there had to be a God!”

Here’s the audio of the show.

So you can paint me as a non-Christian if you want because I know who Howard Stern is an not the preacher-man, but what I know is I like what I’ve heard here.

Thanks Howard!