Not about everything. The part about the questionable programming on A&E–I’ll give you that. The part where the people rallying against Phil Robertson’s comments don’t watch Duck Dynasty–I’ll give you that, too. (here’s the link if you haven’t read Matt’s post.)

But the most important parts, those are the ones you got wrong. Instead of rallying your platform of followers, your tribe, your atta-boy’s to show peace and love and grace, you’re inciting them to anger and condemnation and boycotts. (hey way to go with that whole love your neighbor thing.)

I’m not sure where God ever said to his people, “Hey guys, run out there with your Bible and make sure you address every single sin known to man (except your own, of course, because you’re my people and with that pride you may feel free to condemn others, especially those who don’t yet know me,) Oh and don’t forget to really focus on homosexuality, because, y’know, I hate that more than pride. I kind of like your pride you-little-creation-in-my-own-image  you.”

When you take it upon yourself to speak for me as a Christian, you need to understand just how disgustingly prideful that is. I get it, you put that caveat word *almost* in there to cover your ass. You’re speaking for *almost* all of A&E’s views and the *majority* of humanity. Dude. Get a clue. The majority of humanity does not agree with you. Most of humanity does not have the faintest clue who Phil Robertson is or what Duck Dynasty is.

For all the Christians jumping on this so-called-free-speech bandwagon, crack open that Bible of yours and find that place where Jesus says that loving God is most important followed by loving your neighbor as yourself.  This is not about free speech. This is about you, dear Christian, getting yourself all worked up about a guy on a TV show. How about learning what love actually means. That would be a place to start. Because clearly, you do not understand.

After that, find the place in the Bible where Jesus says to condemn anyone who isn’t a Christian. How about the place where Jesus instructs his followers to run around flaunting their Christianity while claiming it’s in Christ’s name.

Jesus: Did you feed the poor?
Jesus: Did you take care of the oppressed?
Jesus: Oh. I see. You got mad that Phil Robertson was suspended from his TV show and you changed your profile picture in support. Well done good and faithful servant!!

You’re all acting like those fools who protest at funerals. Wake up. Do the right thing.

And if you feel like you need to comment here about homosexuality being a sin, the rule here on my blog is that you first have to list 3 sins you struggle most with.