My friend, her name is Paula, is going through something I just endured. She does not know Christ, yet when I went through this, she did something very special with for me. I cannot share as she swore me to secrecy, but it was something that I will never, ever forget. This is the prayer I sent her. Would you pray with me?

Father God, This is so hard to say as I don’t know what to say. My heart is
breaking knowing Paula’s emotions, her concerns, her thoughts. I plead for your
mercy and your grace, Father, on Paula’s behalf. She is so dear to me and if I could I’d be on a plane to hold her hand through this. I know I can’t and that makes it even worse. Please pour down your love over her like rain. Let her feel your arms wrap around her with comfort and peace. Give her your strength. Father, put people in her path constantly that show her your love. Send your angel of protection down to tend to her. Keep the evil one away, bind him and keep him away. Lord, hear my cry. If there is something, Father, I beg you–heal it. You are the great physician and you know what is going on. You knew what was going on long before now and you know what is going to happen. But we don’t. Have consideration for us and show us mercy, please. We don’t know why these things happen and we can’t understand how to deal with them. We need you to give us peace.

God, your word says that you know the plans you have for us and they are plans
for our welfare, not disaster, plans to give us a future and a hope. You say if
we call to you and come and pray to you, you will listen. You say if we seek you with all of our hearts, that we will find you and you will restore us. I know that everything you do, Father is for our benefit, but sometimes we just can’t see it. I am coming to you and praying to you and I know you’re listening. I am seeking you with all of my heart, you know that already. Please, God, hear my prayer and place your hand on Paula. Guide her and comfort her. I pray that your will be done,
Father. I pray that through this trial, all glory will be yours. May your name
be exalted and praised. You are the Lord of lords and King of kings and all
glory and honor belong to you. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.