I make a promise to myself that I’ll be blogging EVERY day. And inevitably…something happens!

My ethernet adapter went out, so the tech convinced me to go wireless. So I did! LOVE IT!

Also, more good news! During the time I’ve been away, I have finished week one of the four week Bible Study I’m writing. Although I’d like to call it something other than a Bible Study. Not that Bible study is a bad thing. It is NOT! I love it and I live to study the Bible. But it seems that the title carries with it certain expectations. And I don’t know if I can live up to what the name implies.

When I pray, I ask God to grant me His wisdom, knowlegde, discernment and understanding as I study Him. I study His personality. His promises. His words. It’s more than just a study of a book. It is the study of a living God!

So I’m praying that I can come up with something to call this. It is shorter than your “typical” Bible Study (4 weeks vs. the normal 6, 8, or 12 weeks).

If you’d like to work through this with me, please let me know. I’ll need some people who would be willing to work and give me honest opinions about it. (Critiques)