I’m being treated to a cut and color at Vanis Salon & Day Spa next week.

Here are the most recent pictures of my hair. The first set was taken the first part of May the second set just this past weekend. My face is really round and my profile is flat. I tried to include a profile picture (even though I hate them.)
My natural color is pretty close to Zane’s. I tend to like to be a redhead because it seems to bring out my facial coloring and I don’t look so washed out.

I like my hair fine. But is it time for a new style or should I just get what I have touched up and get a nice color? If you think I should get a new style–wanna help me find one?

Edit (for Robin mostly) 😉

Here’s my hair November 2005.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I don’t keep a style long girlfriend. LOL. So the ten year rule is way out the window for me. And I’ll just add the rest of my comments here. This is a new stylist I’ll be seeing, but they’re one of the top salons in the area. Maybe I should print this out to show her how it looked less than 3 years ago?

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