Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week:

My tackle for this week has been learning how to shop CVS and use Extra Care Bucks to save big time on things I’d normally buy anyway. Here’s where I first talked about it.

I don’t have a before and after picture because a before picture would be my empty table. 😉 So here’s what I got this past week and then my running total on cash spent out of my pocket. It is really, really, really amazing!

My running total last time looked like this:

Spent cash: 82.35
– ECB’s rec’d: 58.43
$23.92! That’s 71% off of my total spending!

After adding these two trips:
Spent Cash: 110.13
-ECB’s rec’d: 83.43

$26.70! That’s 75% off my total spending!