Tackle It Tuesday–Indiana Jones Cake & Surprise Party

Zane’s 9th and Phil’s Surprise 40th Birthdays I’m tackling blogging today. Kind of. I forgot to post pictures of Zane’s birthday party in October. I tried to post last week and blogger was being a butt. So now, lucky Tackle It readers, you get to see the fruits of my labor. Saturday, we had a surprise 40th birthday party for … Read More

Preview–Zane’s Indiana Jones Party

Blogger is NOT being nice. I have more pictures to upload and I’ll tell you how I made the cake, but Blogger won’t let me upload anything except this. I also have photos of my JC Penney UNBELIEVABLE shopping spree. I bought Zane $966 (retail price) for $32.14!!(Edit: I bought Zane CLOTHES, I didn’t buy Zane. Ack!) So here’s your … Read More