The Fall

Why is it that when I hear sermons about The Fall, when I read about The Fall, and when I’ve done Bible studies that include something about The fall, why is it that they all act as if God didn’t know it was going to happen?

God created everything, God knows all, He’s known me since the creation of time, universe, earth, and so on–but really? He didn’t know Adam and Eve would sin?

I can’t get on that train.

I’ve never heard someone express opinions about the fall that say God created the universe knowing full well the first people would sin and He did it anyway with His divine plan in mind anyway. Nope. I hear them say, God created everything perfect for us and we screwed it up so then He had to come up with the Jesus plan.

Ok, so they don’t say it quite as sarcastically as I, but is my point being made?

Quit acting as if God had to change His plans because we did something that surprised Him.

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Mo*Con IV–The Love and Business of Writing

Program ad space for the Mo*Con IV: The Love and Business of Writing program is now available.

What is Mo*Con?

Brought to you by the Indiana Horror Writers, Mo*Con is a friendly convention focused on conversations revolving around horror literature and spirituality (two great tastes that taste great together!). If you enjoy writing, horror, fantasy, poetry, and food, you’ll find plenty to enjoy at this convention

Writers, editors, publishers and fans of horror and dark fantasy come from across the country to attend Mo*Con. This year’s special guests are Tom Piccirilli, Gary Braunbeck, Lucy Snyder, Linda Addison, Gerard Houarner, Wrath James White, and Steven Gilberts. Previous guests have included Brian Keene, Nick Mamatas, Mark Rainey, Matt Cardin, and Kim Paffenroth. This year’s guests will be participating in a poetry jam, panel discussions, book launches, and a church service.

Our rates are as follows:

Business card (2 X 3.5”): $20.00

Quarter page (2.25 X 4.25”) $25.00

Half page (5.5 X 4.25”) $50.00

Full page (5.5 X 8.5”) $75.0.

Full page, inside front cover, $100.00

Inside back cover, outside

Back Cover

Deadline for ad purchase will be April 23, 2009.

2009 will be the inaugural year for the Mo*Con program, so we anticipate it becoming somewhat of a collector’s item. Don’t miss this opportunity to be included!

For more information, contact Sara Larson at wlarson[@] or Maurice Broaddus at mauricebroaddus[@]

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Worship at Church or Home?

I know the preferable answer is both. Meet with other believers at church and also live out your faith at home.

But what happens when a family doesn’t have a church? What if they’re in transition? What if they’re ill? (There could be a thousand what if’s.)

So the question de jour: Is it better to go to church once a week and do nothing else–OR– not go to church and pray with your spouse every morning, study your Bible during the day, teach your children from the Bible throughout the week, and fellowship online with other believers?

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No Wonder People Hate “Christians” in America

First Dobson’s unbelievably stupid, “Letter from 2012.” Seriously–this is the highest order of stupid.

I’m seeing some things that are pushing the limits of my anger.

As seen on a message board:

“It saddens me that people say God’s will is Obama be president. Why would God want another godless person? I voted for a righteous man, that McCain would win. And even the name of Jesus did not allow this righetous man. I hope God can do something to have McCain win, there is too much shaddyness with Obama. And I make pennies as it is why have Obama take more for the ‘shareing of the pie?'”

Another message board:

“Obama is the Anti-Christ and I have proof. Obama hails from chicago whose zipcode is 60606 (do you see the three sixes ?)

Obama would be a “black” president in the “white” house (satan is described as black in attribute and who seeks to take over the white mansion known as heaven).”


  • Nostradamus prophesied “Mabus” would either be the Antichrist, or the forerunner to the trueMabus.

  • Nostradamus set the year 2012 as the end of the world. The Mayan calendar comes to an end in 2012. Obama’s presidency would end in 2012!

  • A simple word play on this phonetically ironic name will generate Barack=Iraq, Hussein=Saddam (Hussein), Obama=Osama (Bin Laden). Antichrist. Obama+bush=obamabush

  • He will come mounted on a white Female horse(Obama mother is white who had 12 African husbands and lovers)

How many Anti-Christs have there been so far? This proves Phil’s theory that stupid breeds stupid. This is a special kind of stupid.

Seriously. What is wrong with you people?

It’s not like this is just a random occurrence. This shit is all over the internet.

I’m not certain about our economy, our government, our country, and many other issues in life, but folks, that’s life! Why do you need to blame someone for your misfortune and your misunderstandings?

Ack! This stuff makes me ill.

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Things I Don’t Understand: End Times Trend

I was listening to a radio broadcast of a well-known pastor today in the car. I didn’t hear much of it because my mind started wandering. He was preaching from Isaiah and talking about when Jesus comes back to rule for the thousand years. He said something about “forced righteousness” He said that in the millennial reign, people won’t be able to do wrong even if they want to. That’s about where I stopped listening.

I am not an expert, thus the title: Things I Don’t Understand.

What I do understand is that Jesus is coming back and I don’t know when. But really, beyond that I don’t know much. I’ve read the book of Revelations several times. I’ve read a couple commentaries and I’ve listened to some pastors speak on the “End Times.” I’ve read some articles. Not books though. I’ve heard the pre, mid and post millennial arguments. Forgive me for being crass, I don’t care to figure out when Jesus is coming. He said even He didn’t know. Didn’t he say that?

So anyone telling me exactly what events are going to take place in exactly the order they’ll happen as well as what we will be doing in Jerusalem with Jesus during the millennial reign, I just stop listening. The way I understand it, when Jesus came the first time they didn’t believe He was Messiah because He didn’t come the way they had it in their heads. They thought He was coming as a warrior, to rule–as a government leader.

When I hear about Jesus coming back and how we won’t have this democracy, we’ll have a theocracy, really-I’m ok with that, but it sounds Pharisee-ish to me. When I hear about Christians ruling with Jesus with our new bodies and “forced righteousness” I cringe. Didn’t Jesus say that the least will be first? This preaching sounds heavy with power and pride.

I don’t know how Jesus saves people, I just know He does. I don’t know what your heart looks like, I know He does. I don’t know when He’s coming back, I don’t think He does either. I don’t know what events will transpire before He comes, I just know that He’s coming and I’d like to be caught doing something for Him instead of being drunk, overstuffed with food and jovial from the party.

If you know when a thief is coming, is he still a thief?