Not only MSG, Additive, Preservative, and Chemical Free–Now Gluten Free

I went to see an endocrinologist in August and she asked me to go gluten free. (Ok. Dairy free, too, but one step at a time!!)

We’ve been eating gluten free since September 1.   I’ve been doing (almost) daily updates on Facebook in case you want to follow along.

I waited many months for my appointment with the endocrinologist because she came very highly recommended. But even before I made the appointment, several months worth of problems stacked up. My hair has been falling out, my skin is awful, my eczema has come back, *always tired* like always tired, exhausted, afternoon crashes…

and then the pain started. First my muscles (alllll of them) felt heavy, like after a long time swimming, when you first get out of the water–like that. It was happening more often than not. A few weeks later, my muscles felt like I had just had a great workout at the gym, except for that exhaustion and pain thing that kept me on my chair all day long.  Then a few weeks after that, my feet started seizing up. I would have this pain that felt like an exposed hot nerve and the pain seared through my whole foot, my foot would actually contract during the pain. Several times this happened while I was walking down the stairs and I nearly fell down them.  Then (yes, more) my calves started cramping up close to the time or during the time the hot-nerve pain was pulsating in my feet. Then, in order to fall asleep one night, I took a muscle relaxer. I haven’t had one of those in over 20 years.  I was already crying from the pain before I took it–and I continued to cry myself to sleep.

And listen. I have a very high pain tolerance.

I was afraid to walk, afraid to drive and just afraid.  No. I didn’t share any of this with anyone but my husband and a couple of close friends.

I started Googling the foot pain and found someone who described my pain to perfection–on an MS support group.  So I looked at the symptoms of MS and yeah.

So. Gluten free. Day one was AMAZING.
Day two. Even more AMAZING.
Day three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and now ten???  Listen.



I feel amazing. Not everything is up to par, but the no pain and no exhaustion thing? BIG. Like HUGE.

I simply wouldn’t have ever believed it if we hadn’t changed our eating.  Understand that we were already MSG, chemical, additive, and preservative free when we made this latest gluten free change. So we’re not buying a bunch of prepackaged gluten free stuff (actually, there’s very little that we buy prepackaged.) Everything we cook is from scratch. And I know that makes a huge difference in our lives.


First Endocrinologist Appointment

I am so excited to report that today’s appointment was wonderful!  Dr. LaSalle is not only and endocrinologist, but  also Medical Director of Integrative Medicine, which means she treats the whole body using alternative and conventional medicine.  She studied under the direction of the man who established the field of integrative medicine.

After today’s visit, I feel confident that we’ll get to the bottom of my thyroid (and whatever other issue surfaces.)   My thyroid shut down in late 2007. Since then, I’ve been fighting to feel “normal” again.  I did for a year or so, but even then, I didn’t lose weight and still had symptoms of hypothyroidism. Those symptoms have been getting worse this year, so I made an appointment with Dr. LaSalle (and waited nearly 16 weeks for this day!)

She took me through my health history, my immediate family’s history, my diagnosis and struggle, my eating habits, the supplements I take, and so on.  She was extremely pleased that we eat clean and as organic as we can. So the next steps are pretty basic.

She’s going to run a bunch of tests  (I’ll list them at the bottom of the post) and I need to go gluten and dairy free–I might have a chronic inflammation issue. She also gave me a reading assignment:  “Spark:  The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” by John J. Ratey, MD.  Dr. LaSalle also switched me back to name brand Levoxyl rather than the generic levothyroxine I’ve been on since January.  (All kinds of changes occurred when I switched.)

Dr. LaSalle mentioned running some tests geared at looking at my neurotransmitters. She commented that when there’s a long family history of mental disorders (depression, bi-polar, etc…) that’s a clue to her that mine might be misfiring. Here’s an article that explains how the neurotransmitters work with the endocrine system.

All in all, for the first time in years, I have a sense of hope regarding my condition.  And that is priceless!!

The tests: (abbreviated from the checklist, I don’t know what some of these are)

Adrenocortex Stress Profile
CBC autoDiff
Comp Metabolic PNL
CRP Ultra
Insulin Fasting
Lipid Profile
Magnesium RBC
T3, Free
T4, Free
Thyroglobulin, AB
Vit B6-PSP
Vit B12
VitD 25 Hydroxy
Zinc RBC



Spicy Spices

We cook

a lot

You probably already know that though.

and I’m sick of how cruddy the spice cabinet looks

We buy bulk from a local spice store: Molly Bea’s Ingredients (so inexpensive compared to the McChain store)

Not wanting to spend mega-bucks on spice containers (ugly spice containers) the beautiful herbs and spices just sat. Ugly.


inspiration struck!

and now


oh my

the cabinet doors should just be taken off

they’re too pretty to be hid away now

What do you think?!

because I am in love.