Tackle It Tuesday–CVS

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week:

My tackle for this week has been learning how to shop CVS and use Extra Care Bucks to save big time on things I’d normally buy anyway. Here’s where I first talked about it.

I don’t have a before and after picture because a before picture would be my empty table. 😉 So here’s what I got this past week and then my running total on cash spent out of my pocket. It is really, really, really amazing!

My running total last time looked like this:

Spent cash: 82.35
– ECB’s rec’d: 58.43
$23.92! That’s 71% off of my total spending!

After adding these two trips:
Spent Cash: 110.13
-ECB’s rec’d: 83.43

$26.70! That’s 75% off my total spending!

The CVS ExtraCare thing

I saved 71% this week!

I’m going to give it a whirl.

Here’s the progress of my first week.

If you want to know the how and why, check out Living Almost Large–I think she explains it way better than I could hope to at this point.

So last week we bought (Feb 3rd flyer):

  • (1) 3 packBritta filters for my pitcher
  • (4) Shower to Shower powder
  • (1) fabric softener
  • (3) dishwashing liquid
  • (1) bag cough drops

I spent a total of $32.91 and got back $9.00 in the ExtraCare Bucks (ECB’s).

Granted, it may take us 3 months to use the filters, powder, and dishwashing liquid, probably a month for the fabric softener, but it is stuff that I use constantly.

I didn’t buy anything that we don’t normally use and I only bought the amounts I did to get the ECB’s.

When I go back to CVS, I will be able to use manufacturer’s coupons and pay with the ECB’s I received.


I went back and got (still Feb 3 flyer)

  • (3) Speed Stick deodorants
  • (1) Garnier conditioner
  • (2) 75% off girlie lip glosses for part of a birthday present
  • (1) V05 Shampoo
  • (1) Gain laundry detergent
  • (1) 75% off after shave for Phil
  • (5) Boost Smoothies
  • (2) Reese’s Cups singles
  • (1) Venus Razor w/5 blades
  • (1) Eyeshadow
  • (1) Valentine candy for Zane

After using ECB’s, I paid $33.91 cash, got back $32 ECBs

The new CVS flyer started yesterday (Feb 10 flyer) so I looked it over and headed out to see what kind of damage I could do. I had $32 in ECB’s from the last trip.

  • (3) Charmin 9-packs
  • (1) Bounty 8-pack
  • (5) 81mg Asprin
  • (1) Colgate White
  • (1) Spongebob Colgate for kids
  • (1) Excedrin Sinus/Headache
  • (3) Battery operated toothbrushes
  • (2) 8-packs of toothbrushes
  • (2) 2 litres of Diet Pepsi Max
  • (2) Milky Way fun size packs

My total was $51. I handed the cashier my manufacturer’s coupons and my ECB’s. My total was then $15.45 and I got $17.95 in ECB’s back.

My running total looks like this:
Spent cash: 82.35
– ECB’s rec’d: 58.43
$23.92! That’s 71% off of my total spending!

I’d say this is well worth my time and effort.

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