#Lose500 {week 5/52}

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. Quite the opposite.

At last count, I’d rid this home of 43lbs of stuff.

And I’m positive I’ve  gotten rid of (at the very least) 200lbs in the last few weeks.

257lbs to go and it’s only week 5??


The boxed I emptied:


To Goodwill:


p.s. I did not take a picture of the trash I threw out. Maybe I should’ve, but can you trust me when I say it was a LOT? There is also another donation bag with quite a few books that I forgot to photograph.

Let’s take a look at another (wonderful!) side effect of decluttering…organizing!

The Studio is starting to slim down.



The “guest room” is still not a guest room. That is one of my goals in all of this. To be able to store those totes and other odds and ends somewhere else (or to go through them yet again.) Truth is, most of what is in the totes is either extra bedding, blankets, or seasonal clothes. So I’m a little confused as to what to do with them.


Our bedroom/living room. Still looks a little cluttered to me, but I’m trying!


My desk/office area (still cluttered)


Our closet is looking good. However, there’s still a pile of clothes on the bed and a full laundry basket and no hangers or drawers left. *sigh* Obviously I have to go through the clothes again.


And finally, the photo of the most organized place…because I need to see something good to feel like I’ve accomplished something!!


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#Lose500 {week 2/52}

Last week, you guys decided my haul-away was 25lbs.  That makes me soooo happy!

475lbs to go in 2012!

I have to admit, 500lbs was daunting when I first decided to join this challenge, but as I rummage through the junk I’m finding it rather easy.  Throughout the week I’m placing things in piles knowing that on Wednesday morning, I’m going to take a picture of it all before it goes out the door.

This morning, as I was gathering the piles, I found myself thinking:  What else can I get rid of.  What an amazing thought.

This week’s haul-away consists of a regular sized trash bag full of paper clutter, a lamp, an empty box, a blanket/tablerunner Christmas set for donation, and two big blankets for a local Humane Society.


Because we don’t own a scale, you have to help me decide how much to log on the Lose 500lb of clutter journey!
How much does this stuff weigh?


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#Lose500 {week 1/52}

My new friend who found me in a blizzard in Harrisburg, PA and loves me because I was a truck driver and drove her safely home and we’re both Polacks and well…we bonded…she’s doing this Lose 500lbs of clutter challenge. What I’m wondering is where was she at the beginning of 2011 when I didn’t know we’d have to pack up and move in less than a month into a small house with no practical storage space??

Then I wonder, if I do this challenge, if I take into consideration how God works, if I complete the task, what will 2013 look like?  Because I can’t just do something without thinking of cause and effect.  But then God, he’s sneaky and knows I do this so He doesn’t release too much information to me at once.  I’d die of over-analyzation. I’m sure of it.

Then there’s the fact that I don’t own a scale.



I have to get rid of somewhere around 10lbs of clutter a week.  I’ll post pictures and you get to tell me how much you think the crap clutter weighs.

I did a quick sweep through the house this morning and the picture is below.

To preserve honor and integrity and in the spirit of full disclosure, that trash bag pictured came from my art room and weighs next to nothing. It’s full of the plastic wrap that comes around the huge canvases I’ve been painting on. To balance that, though, the green bag is three-quarters of the way full of magazines, which turns out, are pretty heavy.

I rummaged through my closet and on a whim pulled down stuff that doesn’t fit right (even though I love this stuff and have clung to it for years. I’m getting rid of it. Hopefully I won’t regret this major challenge!!

And yes, there’s stuffing from the dog’s Christmas presents. I swear, I vacuumed that floor yesterday.

lose500 week01


How many pounds am I losing this week?