Marriage Monday–Camping Edition Redux (on Tuesday even)

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Last month’s topic was Recreational Companionship and I posted about our canoe/camping trip last year. It just so happens that Marriage Monday this month came during our now annual camping/canoe trip. This month we’re delving into Why Romance Matters.

Are you kidding me? Along with communication, romance has to be one of the key ingredients to our marriage.

Stop. Get those images of flowers, chocolates, and expensive restaurants out of your head. You’re at MY blog and we play by MY rules here. That is not what romance looks like for us.

I do not want to have my hair done, my nails polished (except my toes,) and I don’t want to wear a dress. Or heels. Or God-forbid, pantyhose. ICK. I don’t want to make reservations, eat at fancy restaurants, or go see movies. I don’t want chocolate (okay, I really do, but not in the romance way that everyone thinks.) And I’ll take my wine in a plastic cup by the campfire.

Webster’s says romance is a love affair. I like that definition. Let me show you
what our love affair looks like.

Sunrises like this. Steaming cup of coffee in hand. Warm fire toasting our knees. Owls hooting, birds singing, raccoons full from getting into things overnight.

The smell of a campfire. All over us. Our hair. Our clothes. Our tent. Knowing that we’ll be cooking something else over the fire and that it will be delicious. Except for the bottoms of the biscuits in the dutch oven–because I burn those every time.

Playing together.

Fishing together.

Exploring together.

Helping each other.

Romance to us is spending time together, cultivating our family, being together in God’s nature and enjoying things we seem to forget to enjoy when we’re at home with all the stuff, the clutter, the things that need to be done.

Marriage in Real Life

When Phil came home from work the other night, the dogs greated him and he petted them and talked to them. Then he hugged our son and talked with him. So I said, “Where’s my love? How come the dogs get love before me?”

“If you’d wag your behind and lick me when I came home from work, I’d pay attention to you first,” he joked.

So I think I’ll try that Monday.

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Marriage Monday–Best Valentine Ever

Something new this month for me! I saw it first at Robin’s blog, that woman gets around, I swear she does! Even so, she had one of the best Valentine’s I’ve ever seen on her blog. I had to join in because Phil does stuff like Robin’s husband. (Wait til I post pictures of my 30th birthday present!)

So, go to Chrysalis and check out the rest of the Marriage Monday people!

Here’s my entry. When I saw Robin’s, it reminded me of this letter I put in our Faithbook.

The Cowboy has been writing me letters like that since day one. I still get them. I must be am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.