Two in One Day?

Be still my heart (even if it is warped and worn out.) Two mentions in one day? Guess taking the Christmas Tree down at the end of July garnered some blessings. Even if you are still making fun of me.

Brenda at Queen of Good Intentions: Random musings of a procrastinating SAHM (that’s Stay At Home Mom) listed my Tackle It Tuesday project as one of her favorite posts for the week. I’m guessing Brenda’s going to have to hand over that crown of hers because as far as procrastination goes, I think I’ve got her beat.


Maddy over at Whitterer on Autism awarded me with comment of the week on her blog because I had to study my own post to figure out why I had “a telly in the fireplace.” She doesn’t know how much I love listening to that accent from over the pond.

Makes blogging my embarrassments more enjoyable. LOL

Thanks for the Shout Outs! Even if you are still making fun of me! 😉