Thirteen Reasons I Miss Driving My Semi

1. I miss driving the graveyard shift because I always had a book on tape. I especially miss having the time to listen to completely unabridged Stephen King books (usually read by him.)

2. I miss waking up in a new place every day.

3. I miss experiencing the unique qualities of the different parts of America.

4. I miss taking character notes from the wierdos in the truck stops.

5. I miss homemade etoufeè from southern Louisiana.

6. I miss the Montana Big Sky.

7. I especially miss seeing the mountains.

8. I miss the time Phil and I spent together, it is so hard to live life now without him near me all day every day.

9. I miss the wide openness of Texas.

10. I miss getting to stop at places to be a tourist.

12. I miss the driving.

13. I miss talking on the CB.