One of my most natural gifts is the ability to create powerful spaces that allow others to connect with their spirit. It is with this creative ability that I have intentionally designed this service. I am also an artist and teacher, author and editor, and a medicine woman. I combine all of my gifts to serve your spirit’s needs by intuitively creating monthly themes to guide you on your journey of discovering your truth–your medicine–the thing that fills you with endless joy, that lifts your energy to levels akin to walking on clouds, the thing that is deep inside of each of us that is often hidden, broken, abused, or ignored.

I help people to uncover the lies in their lives. Lies that sometimes seem to have no beginning. I follow them to the root and show you how to pull these weeds out of the garden of your soul.  I help you with negative thinking, the downplaying of your power, and the feelings of associated with not living in your truth.

You can join us at our free group on Facebook: Way of Truth Medicine Circle Facebook Group

Way of Truth Medicine Circle Group Coaching

You will experience powerful exercises, challenges, advice, and support in Way of Truth Medicine Circle Group Coaching. Each month we will embark on a journey of self-discovery with a new theme. Lessons, challenges, and exercises supporting the monthly theme will be added at the beginning of each month as well as a section for going deeper for those led to a fuller vision of the theme, followed by tidbits of support and advice throughout the first half of the month. A live group coaching call will be available to you mid-month where you can join me and the rest of the group in an online video conference where we can see each other’s faces and hear one another’s voices. (This call will be recorded for those who cannot make the live call.) After the mid-month call, we can re-align to the theme of the month and spend the rest of the month tweaking things based on the discoveries we’ve made during the call.

Group coaching is for individuals who cannot, for various reasons, commit to the time, energy, or financial constraints of intense one on one coaching. It is also for those who like the support of a group setting.

Because I like options and I feel a variety of options helps people commit on their terms, I’ve created several different opportunities for you.

The details:
Month by month option, no commitment, $40 per month.

Three months group coaching:
$30 a month–$90

Six months group coaching:
$25 a month–$150.
(can be split into 2 monthly payments of $75)

Twelve months of group coaching:
$20 a month–$240
(can be split into 3 monthly payments of $80)