Sharon D—CONGRATS! You win! Send fun pictures of your Sunday School class if you can!

Dude! (Said in California Surfer dialect.)

These things are way cool!

I haven’t ordered our yet, but my friend Toni made some for her son, Jacob, to give away as Valentines. Wish I would’ve thought ahead like that.

They absolutely rawk!!

And the Bonus? They’re like the tattoo Fruit Rollups. When Jacob brought us our Valentine Fruit Rollup with his picture on it, we all transferred it to our tongues.

I should’ve taken pictures. Wish I would’ve thought ahead like that.

Go to and check it out.

What I’ve got for you is a FREE box of 30 for you to design!

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(by 3pm central time, Friday February 13th–Dude! Friday the 13th!!
Extended untilSaturday February 14thth, I was called out on business.
Extended AGAIN until Monday February 23. Life is happening.)

telling me your idea for My Fruit Rollups
to enter** to win the FREE box.

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