The You Capture theme for this week was Real Life.

I gotta be honest. Real life right now is a mess of blessings packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, poured into my lap.

If I had to tell of one complete good year in my life, one full year of contentment, one full year of no pain or no suffering, I’m afraid I couldn’t.

Until now.

Something is different about 2009 for me, for us. I might not have dared whisper this idea, this hope, at the beginning.

It even feels different in my heart. My soul feels content.

I go to sleep every night wrapped in the arms of the most amazing man alive–and I get to wake up there, too. No more worrying about middle of the night fuel tanker explosions. Thank you God.
And my toes warmed with unconditional love.

We dared to dream the impossible dream. We fought to find a way we could all three be home with each other 24/7, because that’s when we’re complete-when we’re together. But in the back of my mind, I didn’t really believe it would ever happen. God had other plans, though. So we’re here, at Inspiration Wood. We’re home.


A fire on a frosty morning in an amazing house.

A beautiful view.

A storehouse of hard work flowing from summer’s bounty.

A restored relationship with Phil’s daughter. No more tears of pain and sadness. Only joy. Complete and total joy. And our first grandson.

There was a hint of it early on, but like most times, I didn’t believe it was possible to be blessed.

You Capture: Real Life

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