Helping a Friend in Need

Update: Up to $420 already!!
Update $200 in the first full hour! If we keep this up, we’ll have the whole amount in less than 24!!!!
Update: $100 raised in the first half hour!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!

You know I wouldn’t ask unless it was an absolute necessity. My friend’s loved one has been in ICU at Mayo for over 2 weeks with a brain hemorrhage and the neurology team is stumped. They can’t figure out why there is still bleeding. My friend’s car battery just died, her tires are bald, her hours at work just got cut in half, and she’s behind on some bills.

She’s driving two hours round trip every chance she can get to be with her loved one, she’s trying to pick up extra hours at work, but nothing is available until a couple weeks from now.

This is a woman who, when I sent her money for Thanksgiving dinner one year, she cooked a feast and opened her home up to everyone she knows. She has given shelter to the homeless, fed the hungry, and given the shirt off her back to take care of others.

This amazing woman has been my close friend for nearly two decades and I’ve seen her go through some shit. She has always walked through the fire alone. She broke down this morning and I know how hard it was for her to come to me. I’m going to do what I can, but I thought I’d enlist the help of my tribe to show her what love in action truly looks like <3

I’d like to see us donate enough to cover her needs and then some, so she can breathe. She takes care of everyone and I’d like to take care of her this time. Will you help me? My goal is $2,000. I figure $500 for tires, $100 for a battery, then more for gas, oil change, maybe a tune up. The rest to help her catch up on bills and feed her family.

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

All donations will go straight to my friend. I chose to use my Paypal account so as not to incur fees from the fundraising sites. The only fees incurred using my Paypal are normal credit card fees (if you choose to use a credit card to donate,) and those are quite a bit less than the fundraising sites.

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