It’s been almost a week. I’m noticing slight changes. I’m getting up in the morning better. That’s about it. But the doctor did say it could be a couple weeks before I notice things.

I’ve had this weird headache come on today. It doesn’t feel like a sinus/allergy headache. It is located at the top and back of my head and it is also making it hard to read. I’m wondering if it’s hormonal? (TMI alert) It’s that time and I’m wondering if since I’ve got the thyroid meds in me, if my monthly cycle will begin to be weird until things are regulated? Phil told me to drink a Coke. LOL. I took some Tylenol to see if it would help. So far it hasn’t.

Coke is next on the list.
Then a sinus pill, just in case.

Or maybe I’m just getting a cold?