Artist Justin Vining-Regionalism Reborn

Remember my post, “Sway–Over the Moon?” Artist Justin Vining has inspired my creativity lately and now, I’ve inspired him!

A few months ago, Justin posted a Facebook message asking for photos of farms. That was all I needed (an assignment!) I just happened to be driving up to Wisconsin to see one of my best friends (Delania) and spend her birthday with her. So I took photos.  Lots of them. I clicked and clicked and clicked.

I think I ended up sending Justin about twelve photos. Probably overwhelmed the poor guy. But. Y’know how I am when I get into something?

He thanked me for the photos, said he loved them and I’ve been waiting ever since to see if he used them and if he did, how they inspired him.

Today I found out! (at least in part!)

This is a photo (my favorite actually) I took while driving. I was safe, don’t give me any trouble, now. I didn’t even look in the viewfinder. Just pointed and clicked. So yeah. I’m that good. 😉

Below my photo is the amazing painting Justin created.

This painting and others are on display at Justin’s second solo exhibition “Regionalism Reborn” at Lala Gallery in Lafayette, IN. Click here for more info. So. That’s where I’ll be Friday night. Cheering Justin on!


Oil on wood. Justin said this is the first oil painting he’d completed that he felt really awesome about. And that makes me swell with pride. For him (and a little for me.) Because, I love being an inspiration. And the reciprocal inspiration here is really quite an amazing emotional experience for me!

**UPDATE** This painting is now mine!! I just purchased it! 🙂

You can see more of Justin’s art for the Regionalism Reborn Exhibit on his Facebook Fan Page.

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  1. Me, too, Elaina!! I think I like most of his work. My favorites are the grungy looking paintings on wood and the black and white’s that are a little eery. (and the trees!)


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