i. My husband. Since the first time I laid eyes on him in that traffic jam to every day when I look into his eyes. He is constantly growing and improving himself, becoming softer, easier, more relaxed. He always catches me and holds me up and lays me down. He is one of the beautiful humans on this earth and … Read More


i. My morning ritual. Coffee. Smoke cleansing with my own mix. Journaling. More coffee. Sometimes yoga. I haven’t been good at doing yoga daily lately because of weird feeling possible injuries, so I’ve been listening to my body. It is time to start again, though. ii. Sunny days and blue skies. The smell of lilacs. Pine needles. Earth. Dirt. Breathing … Read More


(Image description: Scenic view at Saint Gaudens National Historic Park. Blue sky with fluffy white clouds, Mount Ascutney in the background. Aspet to the right and Pan statue with giant elephant ear plants in the foreground.) Anticipation i. The turn of the calendar from the ending of one month to the beginning of another. The cycles of death and rebirth. … Read More

Glass of iced tea

The Best Sweet Tea Ever

It may sound silly, but after thirty years of making sweet tea, I think I’ve finally found the secret. I’m even willing to share! Fill a two-quart saucepan almost full of filtered water. Bring to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and add 10 tagless black tea bags or one iced tea sized bag. Cover and let tea steep for … Read More


(trigger warning. childhood abuse, sexual violation.)   People without boundaries get angry when you start setting them.   When I was a child, my boundaries were crossed all too often and because I was dependent on the boundary-crossers for survival, I had no choice but to allow it. As an adult, I didn’t know I had a choice–until recently. The … Read More

Fuck it. me. you. off. this. everything

Coming Soon!! The Big Book of Fuck Coloring Book!!! Keep me informed about The Big Book of Fuck! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Fuck Fuck it Fuck you Fuck everything Fucker Fuck me Fuck my life Fuck this Fuck this job Clusterfuck Fuckster I’m fucked Wanna fuck? Oh fuck Fuck yeah! FuckFuckFuck Fucking Fuck Fuck … Read More

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Reflecting {Possibilities}

      Simplify. {2008} Simplify. {2009} Simplify. {2010} Believe. {2011} Grace. {2012} Restore {2013} Listen (Silent) {2014} Possibilities {2015} I was so excited about {Possibilities} when it came to me! And the year started off with a bang for sure!! During the first week of January, I was featured on Cedar Rapid’s local news for doing Art Drops–giving away … Read More

“Autumn Spirit”

My dad took me “hunting” when I was a little girl. He sat me down at the bottom of a tree just a little ways from his. I remember a fawn coming to me, letting me pet him, and I could see his mama just a off in the distance a bit. Two parents watching their children take some calculated … Read More

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