Freedom word art by michelle pendergrass
A slow journey.

For weeks now I’ve been receiving messages I didn’t quite comprehend. Instead of trying to figure them out (which is what my default is) I instead chose to sit with them, hear them, receive them–with no expectations.

I finished my vision board and Phil said, “There’s a lot more space on it than last year’s.”

Yep. Confirmation!

pendergrass 2017 vision board

I have been prompted to create space…

But not in the way that you might first think.

I’m actually being called to create space in the physical realm–meaning an opening, an expansion.

a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied.

the dimensions of height, depth, and width within which all things exist and move.

position (two or more items) at a distance from one another.

the in-between. (this message especially has been fierce)

We live in a time where we fill every last second with something. No one has time for anything. Everyone is rushing everywhere. Doing and doing and doing until they’re falling over in exhaustion and illness. Adrenal issues are at an all time high. People are disconnected with the earth and her cycles. We bathe in artificial light and damage ourselves with it. Information overload is making us the most anxious, worrisome creatures to ever live. We chug down pills to numb the anxiety, we drink ourselves into oblivion, overindulge in things because we “deserve” it, and we’re more miserable than ever.

My thoughts default to: are people really that blind?

I think they might be. I know I was.

I held on to things–and not just material things. This journey will take us through some emotional and spiritual clearing as well as physical clearing and creating.

We fill our homes with stuff, we’re in debt over our heads, we’re chained to payments, mortgages, loans, and we’re working our asses off to pay for things we have little to no time to enjoy.

We’re never fully present for much of anything.

We don’t re-align society without re-aligning ourselves first.

We have to stop looking outside of ourselves for salvation, safety, and resolution.

I have been creating space in my life for many, many years now and I feel like I’m being called to share that teaching with others. We have been debt free for over a decade. We both work from home. We have created a life of simplicity and joy. I do what I love–every single day. I have cleared away societal expectations, familial judgments, and spiritual legalism. There is so much freedom for you!

Starting with the new moon on January 27, I will be teaching those of you who choose to join me in a group setting on Facebook that will take you on a slow journey of clearing and creating space.

The power of 27 is asking to be acknowledged–so for 27 weeks we’ll be in community together addressing the aspects of life that have kept us overwhelmed for far too long.

Staying in alignment with this power number, I’m going to open up the group to only 27 people and keep it at a very affordable $27 a week.

2+7 is 9 which is a number of ending cycles but also new beginnings. Death and rebirth.

If you have lived in a world of anxiety, stress, and worry…
If you feel like you don’t have choices…
If you’re exhausted, tired, and often sick…
If you’re ready for a fulfilling life
ready to call your power back
ready to really move forward
If you’re ready to be happy–

Please consider this for 2017–(can you see the 27 in there at the beginning and end?) 😉

Seriously, I am going to be super woo-woo and cheesy here, but these numbers are on display asking to be listened to! 😉

No one can change things for you except for you. I can make offers and teach until the cows come home–none of it means anything unless you decide to step forward and receive.

You will receive:

~weekly lessons that are quick and profound, but can also be taken to a deeper level.

~two sixty-minute coaching calls during the 27 weeks, to be used at your discretion.

~a supportive private group to explore your journey and to offer support to others

~live videos to help with the teachings

~intimate guidance geared toward your personal journey

Are you ready?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bonuses and backstory!!

I was figuring some numbers for participant because she and I had talked about creating a package that would give her freedom to call me when she needed me most during her busy season at work. I am always open to the scheduling needs of my people so I wanted to offer her a bundle of calls that she could use whenever she wanted.

I had no clue I would create this offer today. It came to me while I was doing reflection readings in my Facebook group: Way of Truth Medicine Circle and so I listened to the urge to write this. I stared at the date January 27 for a very long time and the 27’s started to float in the air around me. And that’s how I decided on the 27 weeks for $27 a week.

Diane then mentioned that her birthday was January 27!!

I grabbed my calculator to figure out how I could give her a great deal on this Creating Space teaching plus the bundle of calls we’d originally talked about.

I took my 6 month weekly program and divided it down into 27 weeks (which is one more than is supposed to be there, I know, but I wanted to stick with the 27’s)

It came out to 55.55/week. I divided that in half to give you a deal and comes out to


I was figuring on an average of 2 calls a month in a 6 month period of time, that’s 12 calls–and I’m offering 2 calls with the Creating Space program, so she’d need an additional 10 calls…

At $27 per call for 10 calls that’s $270!!!

BAM!! The Universe is freaking amazing!

Now, I’m going to extend this offer to anyone who would like to jump in the vortex with me!!!

27 weeks of lessons, $27 a week, plus an additional ten sixty-minute calls for $27 per call or $270.

I can say with certainty, that this is the only time I will offer this!! Since today is December 27–what if I sweeten the deal even more?? Commit to this bonus deal by tomorrow and I will create a piece of word art for you–whatever word you would like, I will do an 8×10 black and white ink drawing for you in the style of my word for 2017 “Freedom”

This offer will officially close on January 27.
Commit today–December 27–for the teaching and bonus calls for the word art bonus!!

27 Weekly Payments