Duma Key by Stephen King

I’m reading it now.

I’m only 34 pages in and have already seen fit to journal some quotations about being an artist.

Like this one:

“Remember that the truth is in the details. No matter how you see the world or what style it imposes on your work as an artist, the truth is in the details. Of course, the devil’s there too–everyone says so–but maybe truth and the devil are words for the same thing. It could be, you know.”


Made me think of the Garden, the fall, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, God shutting off the Garden of Eden so we wouldn’t eat from the Tree of Life because he was afraid we’d do it and become immortal in that state and how he had a plan for redemption, so that we could share in eternal life, but good eternal life.

Also thinking about how people have “dumbed down” God and his word.

4 thoughts on “Duma Key by Stephen King”

  1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of this idea of dumbing down. Contextualizing–yes. Dumbing down–no. Not even for kids. But what is dumbing down really? It’s more than the language itself that we use. It’s the theology that we don’t pass on.
    And then there are others who use this as an excuse to use language that no one understands.
    So what is dumbing down?
    (Last night was one of my insomnia nights, so if I’m not making sense, forgive me.)

  2. I guess in my thoughts, the dumbing down I was talking about was the habit of skipping over the parts of God’s word that can’t be easily explained.

    Or telling the obvious stories over and over so that the little details are missing. Like God shut off the Garden of Eden so we wouldn’t eat from the Tree of Life. How often do we hear that in the rendering of the story? No, we hear that it was shut off because we ate of the Forbidden fruit.

    There’s more to the stories, there are so many layers, yet, we get vanilla tales with sprinkles. Hardly ever a steak grilled to perfection.

  3. I was reading this but put it aside to read MY NAME IS RUSSELL FINK by MIKE SNYDER.

    SK can wait for a day or two 🙂

    Now if SK was a Misfit….

  4. I wonder what Stephen’s impression would be of your thoughts and dialogue in comments…maybe you should send him a link to your blog ;).


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