I painted this monster (4ft x 3ft!) for a benefit for my friend, John Masson, who was severely injured in Afghanistan.

It needs a name… Wanna help name it?



5 thoughts on “Finished!!”

  1. “Just Sleeping”
    “New Day”
    It looks like the tree wants to embrace the sun. Maybe something along those lines. “Welcome” or “Embrace”

  2. Rebirth?
    I typically name things by the way I feel about them, what they make me feel or what I want others to feel when they see it — so — what does it make YOU feel?

    • Amber–I suck at titles. I thought it was just my stories that I couldn’t title, but now I know it’s just everything that needs one, I draw a blank. Always!! It’d be easier for me to number it.


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