Grandma Schalk’s Poem for Phil

Written when Phil was 8 months old, on Phil’s mom’s seventeenth birthday (she was the baby of 7.)

I’m told my little dare-devil of a husband used to climb to the top of the stairs and jump all the way down. That’s what this poem’s about.

Grandma’s Angel

Darling you need loving
Like the grass needs the dew
You’re our precious Baby
We all love You

Your Mama says I’m spoiling
The one she loves so dear
You can’t spoil an Angel
She has nothing to fear

On all fours you go creeping
Like a quiet little mouse
While you’re flushing the torlet toilet
And flooding the house

I clean up your mess
And then go take a peep
Stair steps are a challenge
For your fat little feet

I dash up the steps
And I catch you on high
I know you’re Grandma’s Angel
But you’re too young to fly.

by Lillian Schalk
For the sweetest little Angel
Phillip Gale Pendergrass
Age 8 months. August 7, 1969

This was too cute to pass up!

More about Grandma Schalk here.
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