Zane is 8. And is obsessed with his peach fuzz.

Zane: I have one chest hair. Look

Me: Wow. That’s great son.

Zane: I can see 4 dark spots when I look in the mirror on my lip right here (points to upper lip)

Me: Wow! So you’re getting a mustache, huh?

Zane: (smiling big and proud, sticking out chest)

Me: That’s something all right.

Zane: I have maybe a spot on my armpit too.

Me: You’re just getting hair everywhere. That’s great. (because he’s obviously proud)

Zane: I have one more kind of hair.

Me: Stop. If it’s anywhere near your privates I don’t want to know.

Zane: Well, it is, but I wasn’t going to tell you that.

Me: Stop talking. I don’t need to know about that hair.

Zane: But I wasn’t going to…

Me: Stop. Talk to your dad about that.

Zane: Well I have 4 kinds of hair now. (Walks away proud and laughing)