I Hate Being Sick

I barely made it out of bed at all yesterday.

My fever: 102.2

My fever dream: The short story I’m working on for the Indiana Horror Writers anthology was printed out on a table. I saw a huge, god-like semi-colon in the air above it. A big freaking semi-colon. I said (to the semi-colon, mind you) “What are you doing there?” It said, “Two parts are not supposed to be together, but I make it so”

The best part of the day:

Zane: “Are you feeling okay, Mommy?”

Me: “No, I feel horrible.”

Zane: “I can pray for you.”

Me: Start crying

Zane: Puts my head on his chest and prays that Mommy feel better.

Today: No fever. Oh the faith of a child.

7 thoughts on “I Hate Being Sick”

  1. oooh, how sweet!
    Glad your fever is down. Hope you recover quickly.

    Your fever dream makes more sense than my healthy dreams.
    My semi-colon would have said, “I’m here to make the brownies.” Or some such thing.

  2. Gotta love it when the kids are sweet. They do seem to know our limits.

    And, in addition to us both blogging about hating being sick this week, we both must be being haunted by punctuation. I *just* finished blogging about people abusing quote marks to funny results. But my quote marks didn’t talk to me, LOL

    Very odd, Chica.


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