Once again, I have neglected the ten or so people who stop by here regularly. I don’t mean to neglect you. Really. So in honor of your dedication despite my disregard I’ll post a week’s worth of photos (and captions) so you know why I’ve not been here paying attention to you.

Forgive me?

I think I’ll work backwards. Because I want to.

Sunday April 6.

We went for a walk down our road.
I found some creepy buildings in the woods.
I have story ideas.

The Shack of Many Colors

Click on the picture. Check out the shingles.
What are those little doors for below the window?
Who lived here?
Oh the stories I have blending in my brain.

This little shack was just steps from the Shack of Many Colors.
They should have put matching shingles on it.
I was afraid.
Oh I am so not lying.
I could not. Could NOT open the door of this shed.
It was cracked open when I got there. If you click on the picture,
you can see that there’s something in there.
I was too afraid to look.
Too afraid.

This hole in the ground was steps away from the Green Door shack.
This is probably what made me afraid to open the door.
Creepy side view of the Shack of Many Colors

Still on Sunday:
$153.00 worth of stuff at CVS and I spent only $1.46!!!!!!
(here’s how)

Saturday April 5.
Chicago Street Theater’s Encores Musical Gala. Look for us in
Lake Magazine–we had our photo taken. I’m excited to see if we’ll be in there!
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