morning looking out

it’s easy for this introvert to sit inside her home and type out blog posts and bible studies and workshop lessons. it’s easy for her to get lost in the time, not leaving the house for weeks on end, not wanting to leave, calling her husband at work asking if he can pick up milk and butter because she doesn’t want to leave just yet.

it’s not easy for her to go and be with people. and so God forces her in big and mighty ways to go…

and He meets her there aloneΒ amongst the women

November morning

and He breaks her

He breaks her in half and holds her up for the world to see

(and the thought occurs. Jesus at the last supper. Jesus breaking bread, take it, eat it, this is my body.)

(and i am part of the body, am i not?)

what am i giving of me? how am i to abide in Him if i hide inside and only look out?

and He turns the heart inside out and reminds her during prayer that He gives new mercies

and so should she

new mercies Visual Prayer

though it’s not easy to change, she’s glad He sees her from the inside out.





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