Is there a such thing as a good excuse?

Three people on Saturday called my cell phone and told me that my land line was busy. I picked it up and got a dial tone, so I just figured it was a fluke. I got up super early on Sunday Morning because I was having a Tastefully Simple lunch sampler directly after church and my friend was coming early to bake some wonderful beer bread and do some other odds and ends.

I decided on a whim to try to call my cell phone with my land line. It didn’t work, instead, I was connected directly to the phone company. Since it was Sunday, they were closed. I presumed my phone was shut off. So I logged onto my online banking center and found a big fat ZERO! Someone violated my account.

So add me to the list of faceless victims robbed by this breed of technologically savvy thieves. I’m guessing that either my computer was hacked or somehow the thief got ahold of my card number. Either way, it leaves one in an odd state.

We have no cash. We can’t use our debit cards. We have no credit cards. Our checks direct deposit into our account. Many of our bills are taken directly out of said account. We can’t get gas. We can’t go for a loaf of bread. The creditors will call to demand their money when it doesn’t come out tonight.

What a mess!!

And how does one avoid such dependency? Because I’m not real sure I like this feeling. I’m flying out of state this week and won’t have my card with me. I feel so out of sorts.

Phil says, “I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere.”

I’m searching for it.

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