Looks like I can’t post tonight

I really, truly intended on getting some good stuff down here about the conference and what I experienced, but there’s this spider on the ceiling right above my head and he won’t move.

I just can’t sit here and type with the thing ready to jump down and attack me.

5 thoughts on “Looks like I can’t post tonight”

  1. I got out the Anti Monkey Butt Powder and loaded the straw. I aimed up at the spider, took a deep breath and got ready to blow but the powder came rushing down the straw into my mouth and I choked. Literally.

    I was coughing and hacking; the powder spilled down my face and all over the floor. I tried to take a drink of water, but that just created this paste of Anti Monkey Butt powder in my mouth. It was worse than having the dry powder choke me.

    Phil came in because of the noise I was making and all he could do was laugh at me.

    Since a spider on the ceiling does not cause frictional skin irritaion, I suggest that the patent-pending straw that blows Anti Monkey Butt powder down your nether-regions while riding your motorcycle (or other activities that cause frictional skin irritation) not be used to exterminate spiders.


    The only reason I was going to comment on this post was to ask why you labeled it “Anti Monkey Butt Powder” in addition to “spiders”.

    Now I know “the rest of the story”.

  3. Michelle,

    Great to meet you in person and a big thank you for my pink toad stickers.

    That heterosexual cowboy of yours smells great.

    When you get to Texas let me know and we’ll form a AFCW/FiF face to face group, okay?


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