Menu Plan Monday–March 16

Starting March 2nd, We’re going to give this a shot. I used to be so good at planning meals and something happened.

And since we’re moving soon, I also would like to need to empty out the abundance from my freezer and pantry. I’m going to try to GOING to spend less than $15 a week for my grocery budget in March (and possibly April.)

* * *

This week and next will save my $$ budget plans. We’re leaving Saturday morning for Key West so we’ll only need five meals this week and none until March 29. Sweet!

Phil made extra BBQ on Sunday so we’ll have that for leftovers one day.

Monday–“Springfield” Cashew Chicken. We’ve been making this since we lived around Springfield, Missouri years ago. It made the NY Times! I’ll be adding the recipe Monday afternoon.

Tuesday–Alton Brown’s Corned Beef and Cabbage




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