Menu Plan Monday–March 9

Starting March 2nd, We’re going to give this a shot. I used to be so good at planning meals and something happened.

And since we’re moving soon, I also would like to need to empty out the abundance from my freezer and pantry. I’m going to try to GOING to spend less than $15 a week for my grocery budget in March (and possibly April.)

* * *

Last week I was supposed to spend $15, I spent $30–we were out of toilet paper and something else. Oh well. This week, I told myself I’d try to spend $30 or less, I spent $50. I was out of stuff for Phil’s lunches and breakfasts so–there goes my plan! I’m not going to complain though, I usually spend around $100. So at least we’re half of normal. Hopefully next week I’ll do better.

And. Because the power went out for 5 hours last night WHILE dinner was cooking, we had to eat out. A couple of the recipes from last week are getting moved to this week. We didn’t eat at home Saturday, either, because my brother and sister-in-law invited us at the last minute to see Blue Man Group. The couple they were going to go with had to back out. I need to give a shout out to Cesar’s on Clark in Chicago. If you know me, you know I HATE margaritas. At Cesar’s? I had 3 frozen strawberry margaritas and could have had 3 more!

Mondayhoisin and honey pork (homemade hoisin sauce) with Crash Hot Potatoes.

TuesdayCrockpot great northern beans and smoked sausage

Wednesday–Italian Beef (Portillo’s recipe) from our freezer stash. If you’re doing an MSG-free diet, make sure your packet of Italian dressing doesn’t have MSG in the ingredients–or–even better, use this recipe to make your own Italian dressing mix.

ThursdayEasy Baked Manicotti

(Dessert with leftover Ricotta cheese also using up frozen blueberries that we picked over the summer–Blueberry Ricotta Squares.) OR Fried ricotta cheese balls.


SaturdayBeef Stroganoff–Make sure your bullion doesn’t contain MSG. You can get organic bullion at some grocery stores and most health food stores.

Sunday–We’re going to Grill something from the freezer, steaks probably.

Grocery list:

Egg noodles
Manacotti shells
Spaghetti Sauce
Paper Towel
Sour Cream
Ricotta Cheese

The extras I bought?

Pistachios for Zane
Little Smokies for Zane
Hot dogs for Zane
Tortilla chips for Phil’s lunch (to go with the Salsa I have)
Smoked Sausage (found out Aldi’s carries MSG free!)
Economy sized yogurt
Cottage Cheese for Sunday

Zane doesn’t like a lot of what we eat. This week it’s the beans, manicotti, Italian beef, and Beef Stroganoff, so I had to have some choices for him. We don’t force food issues. I make enough of what he likes to have leftovers (normally) and have hot dogs or Little Smokies or some other protien availave if he tries our and doesn’t like it.

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  1. Menu sounds great!! Sometimes you just finally use up everything hiding in the fridge and pantry and have to refill it. Usually the same week you need TP and dog food … unfortunately. Oh well – $50 for the week is great!


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