More reality tv. Not that I really watch any of it anyway. I watched the first season of Surivor when I was pregnant. That was in 1998. I think I watched the first season of Big Brother that year as well.

Since then, I’ve watched an episode or two of that Tyra Banks modeling show, what is that called? Top Model? Ok, so maybe I watched a whole series during a marathon one day. And there’s a VH1 show that I hate to admit I watched. It was another marathon and I think I was sick the day it was on. I don’t know the name of it but it had Flava Flav, Brigitte Nielsen, Jordan Knight, Ryan Starr, Charo, and Dave Coulier. Ok, I looked it up. It is called The Surreal Life. I don’t admit that I watch this stuff often, so poke fun if you’d like. I got sucked right into the whole season. Can I say that I really like Ryan Starr?

So will I watch Rock Start Up? It sounds like it might be interesting, I’m not sure I totally understand the premise. It is about the start up of a web company. They say their mission is to rock the boat. Are they serious? I have no clue!