My Free Garden

But first, we interrupt this message with a cute Patches photo:

What a bargain hunter I am!

Since corn on the cob is to Indiana girls as waves are to surfers, I had to take advantage of the local (okay, it was an hour away. But local to my mom’s house) Farmer’s store. Not farmer’s market, but store. It’s been there so long my dad used to work there when he was a boy.

Remus Farms
had a special on corn on the cob. 40 ears for $12. After I mowed a bit of the lawn yesterday, I shucked all 40 ears, made 10 of them for dinners then blanched and froze the other 30. See that little yellow pepper? Hang on and I’ll get to that!
Remus Farms had another special that day. With any purchase, free vegetable plants. F-R-E-E!!! JACKPOT!

Yeah. I know it’s late in the season, but I also know spring has moved, so has summer, and it’s now warm into November. So I figured why not?

I called my dad to print off a coupon for himself and we met at the produce market. He bought tomatoes and I bought the corn (and plenty of other stuff) and we both got our free plants. Like 16 of them!!

So yesterday after I shucked my little heart out, I went to the garage where Phil was changing the brakes on both cars and doing oil changes and gave him my best puppy dog eyes. Can you please, please, please till me up a little spot to plant these orphaned veggies?

And he did.

I planted.

And that little yellow pepper? I harvested that from my free plants! Life is good.Before I had the idea to ask Phil to till up a spot, I was going to put all of the plants in containers. But I ran out. I don’t know if I’ll leave those four tomato plants in their containers or if I’ll end up transplanting them. I guess time will tell.

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