Painting Revelation by Debby Topliff

When asked to review this DVD, I jumped on it. I mean, with my focus on Visual Prayers and my Art Scripture Journal how could I resist taking the time to study another artist’s work?

And wow. I liked this.

Debby Topliff was intimidated by the book of Revelation and issued herself a challenge–to study it. She came away with notes and drawings–and put paint to canvas. A 5-foot by 7-foot canvas to be exact. (OH what fun that would be!!)

Her DVD, Painting Revelation is broken into easy to watch sections that can be done as weekly studies or watched all at once (as Zane and I did.) Debby narrates the DVD and starts in her woodsy yard talking about what the Bible says and then moves to zooming in on the portion of her painting while she explains her interpretation.

This is such an incredible experience.

As I’ve been doing my Scripture Journal and Visual Prayers, I’ve been basically doodling, drawing or painting or whatever I feel led to do. I haven’t ever set out to do something, interpret something. So this process was very interesting to me.

In addition to what I’ve already talked about, there is bonus material…

Resources included:

  • Teaching: Show the DVD in segments to present an overview and set the context for preaching and teaching on Revelation.
  • Worship: Project images from the DVD to enhance singing and praise.
  • Family: Share the DVD with your children to introduce them to the book of Revelation.

You can preview the DVD here. You should. It’s beautiful! (and it’s only 3 minutes!)

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to review this.

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