Quetzalcoatl Dream

I had a dream last night.

I was shot in the head. The bullet entered the top/back of my head and exited near the start of my spine on my neck. But I didn’t die, I turned into a slow-version of myself, walking like a zombie. Then I saw Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god of intelligence, self-reflection, and creation and said, “I knew you were there!” He was levitating, lying down, floating in the air and he looked like lightning. I knew his name was Quetzalcoatl. He transferred lightning electricity to my body (for a really long time) and I was no longer in slow motion.

I didn’t know Quetzalcoatl was an Aztec god of intelligence, self-reflection, or creation until I Googled him first thing this morning before I could forget his name. Very strange.

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  1. Hey, I comment on The Teeming Brain every now and then and just thought I’d swing by and say hi! I’m an attempted-writer, so I thought it’d be cool what your brain’s been coming up with, lately.

  2. Heather, of all things to be freaked out about, the dream should not be one of them! LOL

    Hey Aaron! Glad you stopped by. Hopefully my brain hasn’t run you off.

  3. Gotta cut back on those late-night chimichangas. (Or start scarfing down a whole lot more…especially the night before the big lotto draws.)

  4. Agreed, not to mention how you managed to spell Questzalcoatl right, lol! Those vivid dreams are always the ones we feel like we want to pay attention to, but are usually the most cryptic….

  5. I did have help. I originally spelled it “Quatzequatel” and when I Googled that it came up as the Mayan “winged god” and there wasn’t very much information about him.

    Then I emailed the IHW and Michael West provided me with the much needed correct spelling!

    And as far as cryptic, you’d be surprised to know what I got from the dream!

  6. Last night I dreampt that I was standing in the center of a field of what looked like baby tea plants. It looked like the field was in a valley between two mountain ranges. The weather was cool and moist. It was just before dawn. The sun was just beginning to rise. I was being spoken to by voices (no physical beings there) about the preparations for Quetzalcoatl. The workers (who had human form, but were not human) were digging a large pit, the size of a lake, near the field. The voices said the pit was to be filled with fire roaches! They never said though if it was a trap for Quetzalcoatl or something else, I was thinking a sacrificial pit. My responsibility was to see that the pit was dug in time for the arrival of the god. That was all, I was to be sent home once it was accomplished. I was to not take place in the festivities what so ever. Then all I heard was the name Quetzalcoatl over and over for about seven times. Then I woke up at 6 am with just the name Quetzalcoatl in my head. It kept being repeated even though I was awake. I only learned who this name was later on today when I researched it on the internet. Now I know it is a deity, and an interesting one at that. But what the hell does this dream mean?????? Someone care to help me? Please.


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