Hey HomeSchoolers! This one’s for you. Get science kits that are educational and fun. I shouldn’t be so exclusive, this can be for kids other than homeschoolers. They have reasonably priced Science Project Kits that I bet would work for those science fairs at school.

Zane has been into Star Wars lately, so much that he even got mom to watch five episodes so far (in like three weeks mind you) and I think we might watch episode six tonight. So I’m thinking he’ll like these robot kits though I’m not quite sure if he’s old enough for them yet. It might be a project he and Phil can work on together while Phil’s off work for his double hernia repair surgery next month. Most of the robot kits say that they’re for kids fourteen and older, I think that qualifies Phil, don’t you? We’ll get Zane his own kit later, even though I’m pretty sure I’ll still have to order two.

Zane also collects rocks and crystals so I think that the crystal growing kits would be a good place to start. Especially the Space Age Crystals, I could tie that in with the Star Wars theme. It even says you can make things with your crystals once you grow them.

We love hands on teaching, so this stuff is great for us! Having educational toys in the home is invaluable.