Topless on a Motorcycle

And you wonder why I am who I’ve turned out to be? Seriously.I’m about 2 in this photo. Topless. On a motorcycle. This isn’t a one time occurrence. You’d think my parents didn’t buy me clothes as a toddler. Guess I needed to be different. Some things never change.Oh those were the days. I could run around topless and cute and people actually took photos instead of ran away! Though if I ran around topless today and Phil had a camera…nevermind. TMI

I suppose this is somewhere around the summer of 1974.

That’s our neighbor’s house, I can’t remember his name, but I remember he had two front doors (check it out! That was SO cool to me as a kid!) And he was on oxygen and he always, always, always gave me a butterscotch when I went over to visit. He was the good neighbor. The old lady on the other side used to keep my toys if they went over the fence. So I picked her flowers through the fence and gave them to my mom.

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10 thoughts on “Topless on a Motorcycle”

  1. This is too awesome for words.

    And look at your face…you are pretty proud with your naked bad-a** self huh?


  2. Awesome, Michelle! Glad you participated. The look on your face is hilarious.

    BTW…Marcy mentioned your naked on a motorcycle on her Twitter.

  3. OK – I was afraid to click on this link from work with the whole naked thing! Glad I did. It’s a very cute picture.

  4. LOL@Michelle! I guess I figured people who saw the title would know it was a joke! I should remember people who don’t know me also stop by this blog!! LOL

  5. I also had an older couple next door who would offer me a butterscotch whenever I stopped by to visit. I often wonder what happened to the rest of their family.

    My most famous naked pic is one of me in the bathtub — and my dad had it blown up to 16×20! In one of life’s little ironies, I took a naked bathtub pic of one of my boys, and it’s almost identical to mine, although mirror imaged.


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