Kay assigned me a letter…oy!


10 Things I like that start with the letter Y.

1. Yanni. Okay. Not so much. I’ll try again.

1. ?? Y M C A ?? Yeah. No.

1. Yellow. Nope. I don’t like yellow either. One more time.

1. Yellow Labs. There, much better. And I miss my favorite yellow lab, Vaughn, very much.

2. Yelling. Yeah. Yelling. But not angry yelling, fun yelling. Try it sometime. Sometimes we just have a yell fest and make the loudest yell we can. Man it feels good.

3. Yves Saint Laurent–Do they sell that at Bass Pro? I suck. Try again.

3. Yogurt! Yes!! I love yogurt!

***pause*** I had to go to some of my Twitter and Facebook friends for help.

4. Yiddish. As is Michael Chabon. There–I did it! (Thanks Kimberly!)

5. Yummies–oh is that list broad and wide. Like my hips. (Thanks Ezra Poundcake!)

6. Yellow Sunflowers. Okay, so I like a few yellow things. Just not too much. (Thanks Honey. That’s Phil to the rest of you)

7. Yahweh!!! Steve Laube, you floored me with this one. Of course! I wish I’d thought of it!

8. Yolk? Like egg yolk? Ick. Phil gets my egg yolks.

8. Yoke? Yes, I think that counts since Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden light.) I came up with that one all on my own!

9. Yahtzee. Another one I came up with!

10. Yearlings. There. I did it again! I amaze myself. I probably amaze you, too?

Thanks for playing? Do you want a letter? Let me know and I’ll pick one for you. I might not make it as hard as Y.

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